Why an Adjustable Weighted Vest?

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Adjustable weighted vests are your absolute best option, here’s why:

1. Progressive Overload: This feature allows for progressive weight loading, which is a fundamental principle in strength training. By gradually increasing the resistance, you force your muscles to adapt and grow stronger.

2. Versatility: Your weighted vest can be used for a wide range of exercises, including bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. This versatility means you can target different muscle groups effectively with adjustable weights for larger, stronger muscle groups.

3. Increased Intensity: If challenging your current fitness level is your goal you should consider doing it safely. An adjustable amount of weight helps as you can start lighter and gradually increase as you adapt.

4. Legacy Belt Adjustment: Most weight vests have some adjustment for fit. We offer our original design belt we call our Legacy Belt System. This is a belt you adjust to your size once and when removed you can put it back on at the same adjustment level easily. Plus, if you lose or gain girth you can easily adjust it to an exact fit.

5. BOX Belt Adjustment System: If you have a team you should consider the BOX weighted vest for perfect and fast adjustments for users. This belt has a cam buckle system you can adjust for any user. 


Adjustable weight vests are the best weighted vest choice for any user. The amount of weight in small increments, like our weights that are 2.5 lbs. each and adjustable belts to help the fit and feel for best weight vest function. 

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