Which Vest is the Right Vest for Me?

[title title=”Which Vest is Right for Me?”]


15- 40 lbs. Weight Vests:

Best for lighter workouts. Push ups, pull ups, walking, running. Great for adding weight for calisthenics and general fitness training. For Crossfit-type training WODs like Murph, are best when using weight vests in this range.

45-50 lbs. Weight Vests:

Firefighters use 45 lbs for wildland testing and training. 50 lbs is most often used for firehouse CPAT testing and training. Great for medium to heavy workouts. Perfect for light hiking training. Nice for adding weight for leg work like air squats and stair climbing.

60-150 lbs. Weight Vests:

Heavy workouts for advanced athletes. For advanced mountain climbing training you might consider the 60 long or 70 long. For high-intensity workouts short 60, 70 and 100 lb weight vests are ideal. If you are looking for a substantial amount of weight for maximum intensity, the 100 and 150 lb. weight vests are something you could consider.



Box weight vests have a wipe-able liner for best hygiene between users. LOW PROFILE body and weights for perfect balance and non-restricting arm and body movements. BOX features a Cam Buckle Design for quick release and easy on. Perfect for teams where one user switches with another.

The Belt system has heavy stretch strapping to allow bending and breathing and is 1.5″ wide.

Box weight vests have narrow shoulders for Crossfit-type workouts where the arms allowed to move above the head with minimal restrictions. See all BOX vests here.


V-MAX weight vests come in 11 colors, trimmed in black. Fully padded shoulders and body panels. Features our legacy belt system we designed over 30 years ago and has proven track record of excellent performance. V-Max comes in two shoulder widths; narrow 2-1/2″ for overhead arm movements and wide 3-1/2″ for more comfort for walking and running. Has a 1.5″ wide belt system with elastic panel for bending and breathing.

V-MAX weight vests are our original design, we were first to develop this excellent shape for bodyweight workouts. We design our weight vests as physically small as possible to provide less constriction and coverage for better body movement and feeling. LOW PROFILE is a big benefit, keeping you balanced by locating the weight as close to the body as possible; also allows you to wear a jacket over the top.  This line of vests has a 1000-D Cordura nylon liner for greater abrasion resistance for longevity; and is hand washable with mild detergent & water and rinsing with recommended air drying before use. See all V-MAX vests here.


V-FORCE is our flagship super reinforced weight vest line up. LOW PROFILE  weights and body to allow perfect movement, non-restricting, and great balanced control for safe workouts.  Thousands of satisfied Firefighters and Military personnel. Made to last many years with no substantial wear. Features a 2″ wide belt system with elastic panel for bending and breathing. Velcros in place and secured with small squeeze buckle. We use the strongest materials available to increase durability to give you years of satisfaction.

V-FORCE comes in 7 colors; black and camo, trimmed in black. Models range from 25 to 150 lbs. See all V-FORCE vests here.


LOW PROFILE: 1.5″ thick weights; best design for balance, movements, for arm and body against floor, bars, and for wearing jackets and coats.

ELASTIC BELT PANEL: Great for bending and breathing. Non-restricting belts are safest by allowing full range body movements without unnecessary restrictions to bending which can be dangerous, and allowing for better breathing for recovery.

EZ Adjusting Belts: Ergonomically friendly belt adjustments are best for perfect fit and feel for tightening weight vests. Our EZ Adjusting Belts make it easy for getting the perfect adjustment for you personal fit and feel for all workouts.

Washable Liners and Body: Hand-washable liners last longest. Machine washing will break down fibers leading to early failure. Our liners are made with strongest available nylon weaves that are coated for moisture resistance and are easily washed with warm water with a small amount of soap. Easy to wash, rinse and air dry.

High-Tensile Webbings: All reinforcements, belts and pockets are constructed of webbing infused with wear-resistant coatings to last years, and hold shape without sagging and unraveling.

Metal Weights: 1.5″ Iron weights coated with rust-resistant enamel. Low-Profile for best workouts, balance, feel and functionality. This feature is very important for safety. Keeping your weights close to the body is best for total body workouts. Better range of motion can benefit your body greatly. Push ups, pull ups, suspension strap training, and more are made much more safe, balanced, best feeling and functional with low-profile, thin weights.

Colors: You can choose the color that best suits your taste. 7-11 different colors and configurations to give you custom look.

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