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Weight Vest Influencers

Weight Vest Influencers like yourself are invited to submit a request to review a weight vest. How? simply send us your data and we will respond to your request. We are looking for influencers who are familiar with weight vest training.

Weight Vest Influencers are encouraged to give honest opinions and truthful reviews. Send email to: .

Our weight vests are assembled in the USA with pride and quality. Your subscribers will benefit from using our weight vests and you will benefit from giving them what they want, good information from someone they trust.

For example, you could request to review a 30 lb. Basketball weight vest if you are in that area of fitness. If you are in crossfit, or have a BOX, you could review the 45 lb. BOX weighted vest.

You will find there dozens of weight vests that are made in China. But nearly none that are made in the USA. We don’t claim that our weight vests are made in the USA. However, we do claim to assemble them in the USA. Our materials are the highest quality we can find. sometimes looks outside the US to durable materials. continues to try to use USA materials where we can, in an effort to help support USA made products.