Quality speaks for itself.

"I have tried your weight vest for several weeks now and I must tell you that this is the finest resistance equipment I have ever used! The materials and construction are impressive, even to the most critical eye. The Hydration Pack with the easy-to-use Bite-Me valve worked flawlessly. Changing weight is as easy as 1-2-3. The real value to the weight vest is the positive way you can change the way your body looks by putting on the weight vest and climbing stairs, doing lunges and squats and push-ups. Congradulations on a great piece of exercise equipment!"

-Steve Davis, Mr. World



dave.jpg"My new vest is absolutely wonderful!
I am 58 years of age and in decent shape. I was with the 2/5 Cav in Southeast Asia back in the days (?). My adopted son Foster Lee Harrington was a Sgt with the 3rd Re con Company of the 4th Marines. He was killed in action on the 20th of September 2004. He and I always tried to work out as hard as we were able. After his funeral, I made a promise to him that I would do all my workouts and running with my pack on. I have been running with 47 pounds of water in a Camel back Mother Lode Pack but it was not balanced by any means. I had to buy several "unbottles" to fill the pack the way it needed to be and then I ran across your advertisement in Backpacker magazine. Best purchase I have made in recent years. But I will tell you, it is HOT here in south Florida! People think I am crazy but my son is now on constant watch from above and it makes me so proud to be able to keep that silent promise. God bless all of you and God bless this great nation."

Sincerely Yours, David R.P.

martm.jpg"Hello everyone out there! My name is Walter Small and I want to share my story of how the weight vest allowed me to play basketball again. I was a former athlete who went from 215 pounds to 160 pounds as a result of Lupus Disease. I used my vest to power walk to keep the impact low on my knees while building my stamina. Soon I gained strength which has allowed me to dunk on opponents like I used to when I played competitively. My Weight Vest allows me to throw down thunderous dunks.
Thank you weight vest for giving me back my strength."
Walter S.


roland.jpg"I am currently in the Navy assigned to Guam. This past summer while deployed to Haiti with the Marine Corps I would walk one hour each day using our bullet proof vest using SAPI titanium plates weighing approx 22 lbs. Upon my return I ordered the V-Max vest to continue my power walks. In the short 6 weeks of using the 40lb V-Force vest I have lost 8lbs. I walk each day for 1 hour usually averaging about 3 miles per walk. The V-Force is constructed very well and easy to use. The beauty of this style vest is that you can start out with 5 to 10lbs and quickly work up to the 40lb level. I am getting ready to give my wife this vest and will soon order the 75lb vest.
Thanks so much for your great product."


mark.jpg"I bought the 100 pound weight vest and it's great. In only a short month I have more than doubled my strength and speed. If you're creative enough you can workout the whole body with it.
Thanks V-Force!"
-Mark G.




jan05.jpg"Received my WeightVest in December and have been training with it 4-5 days a week. Here I am snowshoeing in 14 inches of snow with 40 pounds of weight. Talk about a burn in the calves. Bought the weightvest mainly to train for backpacking trips to save the wear and tear on my backpacks and it has worked out great. Snowshoeing was an after thought and it is a great training method. Thanks for a great product that is superbly built and the design is exactly what I was looking for. Even a 55 year old man can wear this vest comfortably while training. Thanks again for a great product."
-Gene A.


marwinner136.jpg"Thank you,
I love my new Weight Vest. The vest is just what I was looking for. I looked at a few other vests, but they were too long for my use. The reason I ordered your vest is for Jogging and it works perfect. It's a short vest and it doesn't ride on my "fat" stomach which I'm trying to lose. It also fits comfortable. I would love to wear one of your tee shirts with my new vest. (hint) XXL Thanks again V-Force."

oct04-1.jpg"Great Product so far! I received my V-Force Weight Vest on time and began using it right away. I currently follow the training program that was included In the box with the vest. I look forward to using the training programs you promise to post on your website @ www.weightvest.com as mentioned on the homepage. 
I also use the vest with the inversion exercises I had been doing. Inverted situps, sidebends, and squats have a new dimension added with the weighted vest on. I hope to be wearing a new Weightvest.com T-shirt (Large) very soon.
Thanks for the great product. It helps me feel like I am in my twenties, in my forties!"