Quality speaks for itself.

dec31.jpg"Hi Weightvest,
I got your vest and it has done wonders and its challenging. I usually hike a mountain out here in Phoenix name Camelback Mountain and it usually takes me 1:15 minutes to get up the mountain. With the vest, woo it takes at little longer after 4 weeks of use I've lost 15 pounds and it only takes me 45 minutes without the vest what a difference. I felt so light wanted to go up twice but didn't. I wish I knew about the vest sooner would done wonders in High School or College."

Weightvest! - Raul M.

rosstm.jpg"I have spent the last year researching Companies that make weight vests, medical research and success stories regarding the use of the vest and how it has impacted the user. I am a former US Marine who was using an assault Vest filled with sand to exercise with. The assault vest was just not getting me the results I wanted. One day I was joking with my wife about buying the V-Max weight vest knowing she would not approve it. She jokingly approved the purchase of the vest, and of course I took advantage of her yes. I bought the 100 lb V-Max short vest so that I can always increase my training programs with more weight. Wow I was shocked to find out just how well your vest is made. I would consider your vest a higher quality then any Tactical gear I used in the United States Marine Corps."
-Duane R.

kenttm.jpg"I am Kent Durso, age 60. I am three time World Highland Games Champion, Masters class. I currently hold five world records in the 55plus category. Last December, I was told by my physician to lose some weight or explode. I weighed 270 and although quite strong (full squat 500lbs, press 255 x 3) I was not a healthy camper. The doctor recommended walking as exercise, at least 20 minutes a day, three times a week. I hate walking and jogging, etc. I am “a natural sprinter, very dangerous over short distances". So I decided to make a weightlifting exercise out of walking and began investigating weighted vests to enable that pursuit, which is how I found you boys and your terrific V-Force vests. I purchased the 75lb long, and as I had already started with a homemade (a soft cooler stuffed with five pound plates, strapped to my back) I was able to load the V-Force to 40lbs as soon as it arrived. I began gradually working up, one bar weight at a time. I was making great progress,and shed 20lbs quickly. Then I had surgery to repair a rotator cuff, which was successful, and a ruptured bicep, which was not. As soon as I could support the pressure of the V-Force, I was walking again, much to my surgeon's irritation. However, nothing was going to keep me from my weight vest walks, and the progress I knew I could continue. I walked for several weeks with my arm strapped to my chest, to secure the rotator cuff, the V-Force vest overlaying it carefully. The vest is so well balanced, I was able to sustain the weight and even increase it gradually. The shoulder has now healed and I have been continuing my walks, and have lost 38lbs. Blood pressure is down noticeably and strength is up. Also my endurance is way, way up and I feel quicker and healthier. I have maxed out my V-Force vest, 75lbs, and have just this day ordered the 25lb attachment from you fellows. I walk a quarter of a mile down my property, lower myself by rope into the river bed and walk about fifty feet to the water edge. Then I turn and sprint to the rope, pull myself up the bank, run about 75 feet across our picnic area, then up another embankment. I stop and pick up a heavy stone and carry it fifty feet. All that is one rep. I do three. Then I walk back the quarter mile to the house, take the blankety-blank vest off as quickly as possible, and fall down and rest. A cold beer usually follows shortly thereafter. This is great stuff for an old geezer like me.“

Best regards, Kent D. F.