Quality speaks for itself.

My name is Doug Jost, and I am a 39 year old Canadian Naval Officer stationed in Quebec City, Quebec Canada. I received my new 50lb short Weightvest about 2 weeks ago, and have just started to use it. Here I am in action in our gym. Bar none, this is one of the highest quality pieces of athletic gear that I have ever seen, let alone used! It's early days now, but I can see myself 6 months down the road well on my way toward achieving my athletic goals through continued use of this vest. (40 is coming up soon, and I want to look good in that red sports car that one gets when achieving this age.) I look forward to sending you further updates on my progress as time goes by. 
Thanks again for the terrific product!" 

Sincerely, Doug J., Quebec, CAN

tentm.jpg"The Tennessee Division of Forestry is currently using your weight vests to qualify our wildland firefighters for the Work Capacity Test. Our firefighters like the comfort and versatility of your vest!"

Robin P. Bible
Safety/Training Unit Leader
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Division of Forestry

ftdec052.jpg"I work with special education children and some children with autism wear weighted vests to assist them with their comfort level and sensitivity. Seeing this presented me the idea of using the vest for personal fitness as I never had experience with using one before. Shortly afterwards, I discovered that my co-worker and good friend Justin used a 22 lb Ringside Weighted Vest to jog. One day I went jogging with him (he wore a vest and I did not) and found that I was unable to keep up with him despite not having any additional encumbrance.
Feeling disappointed at my level of endurance, I decided to take action to start a exercise routine to improve my life. At first, I borrowed Justin's Ringside weighted vest for jogging and it worked fine however it was bulky and didn't fit as comfortable as I wished. I also used a rough homemade vest using a heavy duty cotton flak vest and inserting small metal dumbbell weights into the pockets. This also worked fine but only up to a limit as the balance and feel were also inadequate. After a few weeks of using both vests I felt that I wanted a better product. I did a search online and found the weightvest.com website. I thoroughly reviewed and critiqued the information presented and felt no need to look further. The testimonials, clear photos, and well written descriptions were enough to persuade me in making a purchase (after a friendly discussion with the Mrs. aka The Boss!).
I decided to purchased the 50 lb short weighted vest and it greatly assisted me in my exercise routines. I am impressed with the high quality and the overall feel of this fine item. It is exactly as advertised on the website. Normally, I use 30 lbs to jog and the full 50 lbs to walk. I felt the positive effects immediately as the vest truly maximizes my workouts. I have also incorporated the various exercises presented in the color diagram that came with the vest. By utilizing these exercises I have lost 25 lbs to date and noticed a significant increase in stamina. The walking and jogging alone has conditioned my legs, shoulders, and some back muscles without any additional exercises. Without a doubt this is one of the absolute best passive workout pieces of equipment to augment fitness levels. I highly recommend this outstanding product to anybody looking to gradually improve the quality of their health, (2 thumbs up)!
Thanks for your time and please enjoy the holiday weekend.
Franklin T.

chrisdec05.jpg"Like most people who are trying to balance a hectic schedule that includes family, work and fitness, my time is very important to me. My V-Force weight vest allows me to make the most of my workouts. Using the vest, I can work toward my strength and stamina goals with maximum efficiency. While the possibilities are virtually endless with this vest, as you can see, my playground is a set of bleachers. I can honestly say that if I had to narrow my fitness equipment choices down to only one piece, the V-Force 50-pound vest would be my ultimate selection. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product to those of us serious about our health.
-Clint B.

adrian2-vforce-weight-vest.jpg"I really enjoyed speaking with you about your product before ordering and look forward to using my vest to keep fit. I am a career Police Officer in my 40's and need to work extra hard to keep fit not only for my own well being, but to insure my best for the people who depend on me when they need me the most during my work day. I am 5'10" and try hard to stay at about 165lb's and your vest (50lb short vest) fits me well and distributes the weight evenly for maximum comfort. Take care and keep an eye out for my next order which is the hydration attachment which I should have ordered with the vest!"
Thanks again,
Adrian B.