Quality speaks for itself.

bradfordaug06.jpg"I am a mid-age cyclist that started cycling about 4 years ago to improve my overall health. The friends I cycle with are all younger and were all faster than me, especially when it came to hill climbing. I wanted so badly to be the first one to the top of the hill but it wasn't happening. I was always the last one to the top until I began secretly exercising with the V-Force Max weight vest. I simply began climbing stairs with 10, 15, 20 and finally 30 lbs of weight using my V-Force Maxweight vest. I was surprised how quickly my climbing strength and cycling endurance increased by just adding 10 minutes of stair climbing a few days a week. I'm no longer the last one up the hill. I'm now the second best hill climber among my friends and my buddy that's first is very worried. I cannot imagine a sport that couldn't be helped by using one of your V-Force Max weight vests. Oh, I also recently climbed the stairs to the top of the worlds highest man-made structure, the CN Tower in Toronto - 1776 steps without stopping. I haven't told my friends my secret yet, but I suspect once they learn what I've been doing you will be selling 5-6 more weight vests. I plan to tell them at the top of the hill right after I'm the first one there. It won't be much longer!"
- Brad W. Pasadena, TX

billctm.jpg"Dear Weightvest.com,
I use my 
V-Force Max weight vest to walk at a fast pace on the treadmill. Its great because my knees are not so great and the heavy pounding on them from fast running makes them hurt. The walking is much more gentle."
-Bill K.




davidsailortm.jpg"Here's a picture of me wearing the original V-Max brand WeightVest. I love it. I use it to warm 
up for a workout and often wear it for bodyweight exercises such as pullups, situps, pushups and dips. I also wear it running. The fit is great and I am very happy with your vest."
-Dave S., Londenderry, NH




kent.jpg"Dear V-Force,
I really appreciate the quality that goes into these vests! I recently purchased a 50 pound short vest in preparation for my boot-camp experience with the United States Coast Guard. Already I have noticed an increase in my 60 second push-up and sit-up drills and my mile and a half run is now under 13 minutes! This vest has become an invaluable part of my strength training and endurance routines. Attached is a photograph of my sister Sarah helping me out in the over-head sibling press portion of my sometimes unconventional workouts. Again, thank you for your outstanding service, the quality of these vests is unsurpassed!"
-Kent Allen

larry06.jpg"Just finished my first month with your vest and it was everything you said it would be. My workouts are definitely more intense. I turn 62 in a few days and wanted to make some changes to my workout routine; the vest was the answer. I particularly like the way it feels. Enclosed is a picture. Not pretty but it was a good workout. Here on Kauai, where almost every day is like summer, it is easy to get up early in the morning and go for a long walk at the golf course. An excellent way to clear my mind for the rest of the day. 
-Larry W., HI

kevin.jpg"Hello, I love my weight vest. I received it about a month ago. I started out at 15lbs and I am now up to 25lbs. I speed walk 4 miles a day with my weight vest on and WOW what a great workout. I recommend it for everybody. Thanks weight vest."
- Kevin C, Wisconsin.