Quality speaks for itself.

stevenaug06.jpg"I can not describe to you in words how the weight vest has truly changed my physique. I have always been an athlete. Yet, since using the weight vest, I have become more cut, more defined than ever before. And now, as I approach the age of 37 in another few weeks, I am, without a doubt, in the best shape of my life. The V-Force Max weight vest has empowered me to reach another level as far as my strength, my cardio level, and my overall athletic performance. purchasing the V-Force Max weight vest has been the best athletic equipment purchase I have ever made. Thanks so much,"
-Steven B., North Haven, CT





I use my 50lbs. 
V-Force Max for push-ups, squats, deadlifts, boxing, biking, walking and rope climbing. Not only has this vest help me pack on extra shoulder mass, increase leg strength and give me a great work-out but it has also helped my posture. I find myself "moving" and "sitting" correctly since wearing it. This vest is tough and durable and likely outlast me. Thanks for a great product.Cheers!"
-Paul B.,Harbour Grace, NL Canada




mingaug06.jpg"Dear WeightVest.com,
I've been using your vest since the beginning of the year so that I can prepare for upcoming firefighter's physical agility tests that are coming up this year. I've lost 22 lbs. and by bodyfat% has dropped below 15% (down from 22%). I use the vest while I weight train and while I do my cardio work (lots of stairs!!). Thanks for making a great weight vest!!! I'll keep you updated when I get that "Badge". Thanks again!! 
-Ming. Fall River, MA




terahaug06.jpg"I have been the proud owner of a V-Force Max women's 50 lb. weight vest for 5 days now and already I have renewed my sense of accomplishment in what were becoming my typical boring workouts. It's an invigorating to know that simple pleasures, like walking my dog, will now include a formidable calorie burn! During the past couple of months I have been distracted and lost my interest in endurance running... but the discovery of your weight vest has motivated me to re-commit to my goal of running the Catalina Island mountainous marathon in March of 2007. I know that I now have the tools needed to condition myself for such a challenging race. Thank you for the inspiration!!"
-Terah D.,Lake Forest, CA





chuckaug06.jpg"Here I am wearing your V-Force Max 60-lb "plate" vest. I didn't feel that I was getting a good workout when I walked with my wife, so I've added your vest to our walking routine.I have filled the vest with weights from home and additional weights from Walmart, just as your website suggested and I am impressed with the fit. The increased intensity of our walks has me considering the addition of my vest into my weight training. The obvious cardiovascular benefits has convinced my wife into buying a vest for herself. Thanks for a great product."
- Chuck M., Colleyville, TX