Quality speaks for itself.

kaitlintm.jpg"I train hard in the off- season for my high school volleyball team.This year I was looking for something to add intensity to my workouts. My dad ordered one of your V-Force weight vests and I have spent the summer using it as I perform agility drills, plyometrics, and run stadiums. I feel that your weight vest has helped add intensity to my conditioning sessions and will give me a competitive edge in the coming season. Our team has played in the last three state championship games, but have not brought home the "gold" yet. Although the vest will not win the championship for us, I beleive it will help contribute because I already feel as if I am jumping higher and moving faster due to the added resistance during my training sessions. V-Force is a great product, quality made and can help any athelete maximize their performance."
-Kaitlin L., Savannah, Ga


jerradtm.jpg"I usually walk 2 hours a week at 2 days a week. Also I walk the stairs at my 2 story fire station, at brisk pace for 20 -30 minutes once a week, using my V-Force 50 lb vest."
-Jerrad M., New Ulm, Tx




davidtm.jpg"I have attached some pictures for David Cosier Jr.Due to Plantar Faciitis surgery I dont run or jump with the vest. I walk around while I instruct my student to do some Pre-Hab drills."
-David C. Jr., Kailua,Hi 




christm.jpg"Hello my name is Chris and I saw a guy using the weight vest in the gym. He said he was training to be a firefighter. The vest looked so cool on him I just had to inquire about it. Besides I was at a plateau with my weight goal and needed a boost. I went on-line and purchased my 30 pound vest. I love it. I use it on the elliptical and went from 185lbs to 175lbs in 3 weeks. Since wearing my vest I've had one other person actually by one. She is about 60 years old and she just purchased her vest to help her with her gain great bone density to fight off osteoporosis. The Weight-Vest is awesome."
-Chris. Oahu, Hawaii


byrdtm.jpg"I purchased my weight vest this year to enable to get a good walking workout without running every day. At 49, running can be hard on the knees. Within 4 weeks, I was using the entire 25 pounds and walking 30 to 45 minutes 4 days per week. I have lost 14 pounds and am much leaner. The weightvest works. Everybody keeps telling that I am getting lean. I love my weightvest. I just started jogging on the treadmill using 20 pounds at various inclines. It's a great workout."
-David B., CPA



Here is me with the weight vest on the treadmill. I wear it for my half hour run and it helps me to break a real good sweat! I thought about taking a picture after my run, but decided that if you post this on your site, I would rather not be pictured in that state... :)" 
-Bob. Mercer Island, WA