Quality speaks for itself.

stephentm.jpg"I have had the vest for about 3 months now and have been using it for strength training and agility/speed training. It has become a valuable asset to my workouts and I have been very pleased with it. Lately I have been running stadiums at a local football field here in town. The picture was taken at that location. Overall I think the V-Force Max weight vest has been a great investment and is well worth the price. Anyone who enjoys exercise will definitely benefit from using the V-Force Max weight vest."
-Stephen B., Savannah, GA

stedmantm.jpg"I bought my 50lb weight vest earlier this year. The well built weight-vest was the selling point for me, along with the excellent web-site with lots of information about your weight-vests. I am a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Waukesha Fire Department located in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. The V-Force Max weight vest (50lbs) provides me with the feeling of the weight of wearing all of my fire protective turn-out gear. Since using the weight-vest I have noticed an increase in my overall core strength, which is exactly what I was looking for. My passion is Martial Arts training. The weight-vest is obviously another training aid for improving core strength for Martial Art self-improvement."
-William S., Waukesha, WI 

skiptm-1.jpg"I currently hold a Guinness World Record for 'Most Sit-ups, 24 hours, Using an Abdominal Frame'. I set the record in Jan 2004 by performing 110,912. I am now using the V-Force Max weight vest to train to attempt to break the record for 'Most Sit-ups, one hour, using an abdominal frame'. I wear the vest to do glute ham developer sit-ups, AbMat sit-ups, inverted sit-ups hanging from a cargo net, all types of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, farmers walks, and CrossFit WOD's. At 54, I need all the training help I can get.Thanks for such an awesome training tool!"
-Skip Chase (Guinness Membership #12831, Claim ID13021)

shyamtm-1.jpg"I just got back from a 3 week trip out of the country-- there wasn't a day I was gone that I didn't miss my workouts with my weight vest. My V-Force Max weight vest is like my workout partner-- pushing me harder everytime." 

randall.jpg"I wear the V-Force Max Weight-Vest primarily while Lifting-Weights - to help keep my heartrate up, and to add some extra weight to a few of the exercises; I also wear it for maybe another hour a day, while hanging out around the house (doing computer stuff, yardwork... etc), for low-stress Core-Training, without even thinking about it."
-Randall W.

michaeltm.jpg"The V-Force Max weight vest was a great investment. I gained a few pounds of muscle using basic exercises."
-Michael W.



keithtm.jpg"Pictured is me with the 75lb V-Force Max weight-vest. Although I have tried the simple exercises that accompany the vest, I have found out that a dynamic usage of the vest is far more helpful in my wrestling competition. I bought your 100 lb vest, and find that it provides a burn for my muscles that no ordinary workout can. I like to use an advanced core training approach to the vest. My workout consists of 10 100yrd sprints, for a heavy cardiovascular warmup along with a traditional warm-up of 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups before every workout. Now although I have a heavier vest I have gotten my body accustomed to the weight rather quickly and was able to work myself up to 75 lbs while doing the following activities. I find it best to use the vest while doing things such as playing my hobby of soccer and my technical training for wrestling. Through this approach I have been able to up my max bench 75 lbs and increase my 100 meter from 12.20 to 11.65 in that small amount of time. I have also lost 15 lbs of excess fat and gained a few lbs of muscle. The one thing I am most proud of is through your vest attaining a 5:25 mile. Right now I'm still training to beat your 100 lb challenge which I am sure I soon will. Thank you for your awesome product."
-Keith. Spring Grove, PA