testimonials 2


Quality speaks for itself.


"Attached is my photo using the V-Force Max Weight Vest while working out. I use the V-Force Max Weight Vest while doing my aerobic stepping exercise after lifting weights. I am very pleased with the weight vest and it has become my favorite piece of exercise equipment. It helps to build my aerobic endurance while providing my lower body with an incredible workout. It has also increased my endurance very rapidly and I look forward to doing aerobic exercise since purchasing the weight vest. Thanks again for a great piece of exercise equipment that I will always incorporate into my work-out routine. I'll be recommending this weight vest to all my friends."

-Thomas B.

marc.jpg"I use the vest twice a week while rock climbing, and I have successfully gone in 6 months where most climbers go in 2 years. The vest is everything I hoped, and more. My strength and fitness gains are thru the roof, and the V-Force Maxvest increases the intensity of my workouts by ten fold. The great design allows me to climb safely without worrying about harming my body. If I fall the symetrical layout of the vest allows me to land safely. Thank you for the great design, and wonderful performance."
-Marc B., Gainesville Fl  

kasper.jpg"Hey there, my name is Kasper and I'm a big fan of the V-Force Max weight vest. I believe in using resistance training to accomplish my athletic goals. I want to be more physically fit and have more endurance when competing with my friends in basketball. I don't go to a gym because I currently can't afford the monthly membership so I work out at home or go running around the block. I've noticed an increase in my strength when it comes to doing pushups. I can do 55 pushups while maintaining perfect form without the vest now. Also, my calves have gotten a little bigger when I've used the weight vest in combination with the jump soles and everyone said that they've noticed an improvement in my game. That's my story for now. I love this product and I'm glad I invested in it. Thank you to all the guys at Weightvest.com."
-Kasper P. 





jim.jpg"Attached is a pic of me heading out for the evening walk. I've got the 50# short vest and put in 3 miles a night, four times a week. It's a great
product for building up stamina! I've lost 10 pounds in the last month with the 
V-Force Max weight vest and hope to lose another 20 pounds."
-Jim L., Rochester, Mi  




christianaug06.jpg"I am a civilian working at Camp Pendleton, CA. I heard Marines rave about the benefits of the V-Force Max weight vest. As a result, I purchased the 50 LBS model in 09/2005. I have since added the 25 LBS attachment for a total of 75 LBS. I have lost about 20 LBS in body weight and my strength and endurance have increased over the past year. I recommend the V-Max weight vest to anyone who wants to improve their level of fitness. I walk with the V-Force Max 4-5 times per week for a duration of 30-45 minutes. I also include hills in my training regiment. I usually take my 10 month-old son along for the workout. The V-Force Max product is the best on the market. Regards, 
-Christian S., Beach, CA.


billraug06.jpg"Hi, Here is a picture of me doing bench press in my vest. I wear the vest to enhance my regular workout. It has helped my overall endurance, especially my shoulder strength. This vest far outclasses the vests I have seen in stores. This is some very tough laterial. The part I like best is that it is expandable later on. Thanks again for your support."
-William R., Fresno, CA


geordyaug06.jpg"Hi, The V-Force Max has been a terrific investment. I like to keep things simple: running the steps at the high school stadium, squats, lunges and step-ups at home; pull ups and dips or push ups. I am still working my way up to handling the full 50 lbs of the vest during all the exercises, but the ability to put on the vest and to get to work quickly - without the need to get to a gym is invaluable. Thanks for the great product."
-Geordy F., Annandale, Virginia


stuartdtm.jpg"My name is Stuart D. I am fifteen yrs. old. I got a 50 lb. short vest about a year and a half ago. It is good quality, and very usefull. I use it for running, push ups, Tae Kwon Do, and more."
Stuart D., Oshkosh, WI