Quality speaks for itself.

42904.jpg"My name is Steven R. ... since the birth of my son I have gained around 100 lbs. I have been dieting and working out (running & weights). And with all that working out I lost 40 lbs and running became much easier. So I decided I needed a weight vest to make running more difficult. I loved the resistance the vest provided for me. I have used it for the last 2 weeks and my running has improved and so has my back. I broke my back 3yrs ago and it gives me trouble when I hold my son. Since I have been using the vest during my workouts it has made my son feel a lot lighter on my back. My son is 1yrs old on May 7th he weighs 29 lbs. Any way I love this vest and would recommend it to anyone who runs."
Thanks, Steven R.

wade200.jpg"I use my weight vest to train for the combat challenge. The V-Max vest is the greatest thing I have done for my training. I'm glad I invested in one."
Thanks, Wade

leenov04.jpg“My name is Lee Beaumont and I use my weight vest primarily to run stairs. You can see a 10,000 seat basketball arena behind me where I train. It has 27 flights, 3,400 stairs and is about 1.9 miles around if you run all the stairs. I train with anywhere from 20 lbs to 75 lbs and run 1-2 laps depending on my training schedule. After using the vest 
for about 4-5 weeks my best time running the stairs without 
weight dropped over 3 minutes. My legs are stronger than ever before and I had a 40" vertical in college so that is saying something for a 36 year old guy. I would recommend the V-Max weight vest for anyone looking to build strength and stamina.”
- Lee Beaumont

adrian200.jpg“I purchased my V-Max Weight Vest with conditioning in mind. I am 41 and train with the goal of increasing core trength and cardio stamina. As you can see in the photo I like to use various types of resistance including natural things like
river rock for a punishing workouts. During my routine such as
the over-head rock press I keep the V-Max Weight Vest on to add even more resistance. My only regret is not purchasing a 100 lb. V-Max Weight Vest!!!"

Thanks again,
Adrian B.

More to come...