I absolutely love your product, my V-Max vest! I tried out several vests from various venders and yours had the best fit with the highest quality, hands down. I used it in training for the Arizona Super Spartan, an 8-9 mile obstacle course race. Thanks to your help, I was able to take home the coveted Spartan helmet, reserved only for first place finishers, and earn a top place in the Spartan elites! Thanks so much for making such a great vest! – Audree Lawrence

“I am not only a customer of yours, but I routinely refer your product to most of my athletes and civil servant patients. We would like to link to your web site for ease of information and future sales of your product line. Please consider this and inform me of your interest. Also, If you have adopted a referral list for physicians who recommend your products please place my name and information on the list.” Thank you, Dr. Rick Letts

“Hi Jeff.
You guys make the best vest on the planet, nothing else comes close; I have two and you guys even made a custom one for one of my huger meathead clients… so thanks for being you. Okay so I’ve owned my own training biz for awhile and finally now I’m opening my own facility. My facility needs your products in its little “pro-shop corner.” It’s my goal to crusade for core strength to tune up the bobble-bodied runners who think all they need is calorie-burning to get holistically fit; these jokers won’t touch a dumbbell, but I can get them into vests. I only want yours. The girl on the phone said you guys are working on a dealer program. Let me in! Please? I’m a pretty good guy. Or at least I’m a sorta halfway pretty good guy who always pays his bills!  –Billy Vives

“Besides my Fire it up Training System”, I coach Girls Lacrosse. The team I have been cultivating for the past 3 years is built on commitment, hard work, talent, strength and conditioning. One of the tools I use with my girls is the weight vest. It increases their explosive strength so that when they are on the field, they are better, stronger and faster.” –
Dr. Jennifer N. Milus, DC

“In training for the Firefighter Combat Challenge I must adhere to a strict training regime, so I can compete against world class athletes. Incorporating the multitude of exercises and workouts required for me to obtain this level of strength is sometimes difficult because of my variety of commitments to my jobs as a firefighter, personal trainer and aerobic instructor. Facilitating my development of the necessary strength and level of fitness is the V-Max Weight Vest. In my many years of competing in this vigorous competition, I have always been deemed as one of the top competitors in the world. This year, with the V-Max Weight Vest I hope to be the world’s best. If I am able to achieve this portentous goal, I will owe it to not only my drive and dedication, but to the aid of of my weight vest. Thanks for developing such an amazing product!” Sherri Peacock Combat Challenge

I lost 29 lbs in 90 days walking on a treadmill with the Weight Vest™. My triglyceride levels went down from 485 to 66 and my blood sugar went down from 147 to 105. I wasn’t even trying to lose the weight. My cardiologist gave me a couple of prescriptions of which I took none, he was amazed at my results. Thanks.”
David Sokol, Former Chairman, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

“This is the first weight vest I’ve seen that I would actually call a piece of training equipment because of it’s quality.
The vest fits great, it’s snug enough that it stays in place without restricting your breathing.
This is a top quality training vest. I’m not worried about anything tearing or breaking on it like I’ve seen with my old vests, I don’t think I could tear it if I tried.” – Tanya Wagner #1 Women’s Crossfit Champion

“Just got the V-Force®. WOW! Absolutely incredible! The vest is the closest approximation to a primate carrying offspring through the trees that modern man can find. Brilliant work – as always.” – Matt Furey, Author, “Combat Conditioning.”

“Nearly twenty years ago I read an article from a book about “Weighted-Walking”. The main point from the article was that weight walking did more for cardiovascular fitness than all other forms of exercise. The Israeli government set about to discover what form of exercise was best at developing cardiovascular fitness. Military and civilian workers as well as Olympic athletes were tested. As a group, the most cardiovascular fit individual was the mailman – the mailman, walking three to five miles per day, carrying 20-35 pounds. Tests soon demonstrated that walking with a weighted load was far and away the most effective exercise to develop and maintain cardiovascular fitness. I just finished a ten-week competitive weight-loss program in our community. I walked for one hour every day with the V-Max weight vest from WeightVest.com. My vest weighed 70 lbs. I did alter my diet somewhat too, drinking less soda pop and eating less food overall.

I lost 48 lbs. (from 237 lbs. down to 189 lbs.) My waist size dropped from size 40 to 34. I have more energy, require less sleep, and have more endurance now than in the last 25 years. I am an avid swimmer and used to swim one to one and a half miles per day. When I ballooned up to 237 lbs, I couldn’t swim a quarter mile without having to stop from exhaustion. Now, I can swim over two miles and have to stop now because my shoulders ache, not because I’m physically tired. I recommend without hesitation the V-Max weight vest from WeightVest.com.”   Sincerely, Curt A. Thompson, MD

Jeff and Megan,
“I have trained with your vest for a little over a month now. The vest is incredibly comfortable -even for long runs [the latest one, 8 hours, yesterday during the night]- and it definitely delivers. Not only I have lost weight, but my stamina has significantly increased. I feel that training with the vest will be one of the key ingredients to being successful in completing the Marathon of the Sands next March [150miles in the Sahara desert with a backpack weighing close to 25lbs]. Thanks again for an incredibly well designed product.” Take care, Richard Dube Bellevue, KY

“As an athlete, I’m always looking to increase performance and go just that much further than my competitors. In the past, I’ve had problems finding a weight vest that fits properly or that’s designed for women and felt like my performance was being limited because I wasn’t able to train at this higher level, with a weight vest. The V-Force weight vest is perfect! I’ve been able to use the weight vest for many things including in the weightroom, plyometrics, core training and sport specific training. When using dumbells, I’m not strong enough to hold the amount of weight that I would like to in my hands, so I just use my vest to increase the amount of weight. Also, I’ve used my weight vest for improving my explosiveness in plyometrics and specific speed skating.” Thanks, Allison Baver US Olympic Speed Skater

“Hey there Jeff, my name is Kasper and I’m a big fan of the weight vest. I believe in using resistance training to accomplish my athletic goals. I want to be more physically fit and have more endurance when competing with my friends in basketball. I don’t go to a gym because I currently can’t afford the monthly membership so I work out at home or go running around the block. I’ve noticed an increase in my strength when it comes to doing pushups. I can do 55 pushups while maintaining perfect form without the vest now. Also, my calves have gotten a little bigger when I’ve used the weight vest in combination with the jump soles and everyone said that they’ve noticed an improvement in my game. That’s my story for now. I love this product and I’m glad I invested in it. Thank you to all the guys at Weightvest.com.” Kasper P.

“I currently hold a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Sit-ups, 24 hours, Using an Abdominal Frame’. I set the record in Jan 2004 by performing 110,912. I am now using the V-max weight vest to train to attempt to break the record for ‘Most Sit-ups, one hour, using an abdominal frame’. I wear the vest to do glute ham developer sit-ups, AbMat sit-ups, inverted sit-ups hanging from a cargo net, all types of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, farmers walks, and CrossFit WOD’s. At 54, I need all the training help I can get.Thanks for such an awesome training tool!” Skip Chase (Guinness Membership #12831, Claim ID13021)

“I purchased my weight vest this year to enable to get a good walking workout without running every day. At 49, running can be hard on the knees. Within 4 weeks, I was using the entire 25 pounds and walking 30 to 45 minutes 4 days per week. I have lost 14 pounds and am much leaner. The weightvest works. Everybody keeps telling that I am getting lean. I love my weightvest. I just started jogging on the treadmill using 20 pounds at various inclines. It’s a great workout.” David B., CPA

“Dear WeightVest.com,
I’ve been using your vest since the beginning of the year so that I can prepare for upcoming firefighter’s physical agility tests that are coming up this year. I’ve lost 22 lbs. and by bodyfat% has dropped below 15% (down from 22%). I use the vest while I weight train and while I do my cardio work (lots of stairs!!). Thanks for making a great weight vest!!! I’ll keep you updated when I get that “Badge”. Thanks again!! Ming. Fall River, MA

“I have tried your weight vest for several weeks now and I must tell you that this is the finest resistance equipment I have ever used! The materials and construction are impressive, even to the most critical eye. The Hydration Pack with the easy-to-use Bite-Me valve worked flawlessly. Changing weight is as easy as 1-2-3. The real value to the weight vest is the positive way you can change the way your body looks by putting on the weight vest and climbing stairs, doing lunges and squats and push-ups. Congradulations on a great piece of exercise equipment!” – Steve Davis, Mr. World

“Hello everyone out there! My name is Walter Small and I want to share my story of how the weight vest allowed me to play basketball again. I was a former athlete who went from 215 pounds to 160 pounds as a result of Lupus Disease. I used my vest to power walk to keep the impact low on my knees while building my stamina. Soon I gained strength which has allowed me to dunk on opponents like I used to when I played competitively. My Weight Vest allows me to throw down thunderous dunks.
Thank you weight vest for giving me back my strength.”
Sincerely, – Walter S.

“Thank you V-Max,
I love my new Weight Vest. The vest is just what I was looking for. I looked at a few other vests, but they were too long for my use. The reason I ordered your vest is for Jogging and it works perfect. It’s a short vest and it doesn’t ride on my “fat” stomach which I’m trying to lose. It also fits comfortable. I would love to wear one of your tee shirts with my new vest. (hint) XXL Thanks again V-Max.” – Later

” I use my weight vest to train for the combat challenge. The V-Max vest is the greatest thing I have done for my training. I’m glad I invested in one.”Thanks, Wade

“Hello…I bought one of your weight vests and I have it for 15 yrs plus!!! It’s been a great purchase!!!”

-Maria C. 11/7/23