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Hobie Call – 1st Place Winner of Spartan Race 44 times!

Dear sir,
About 10 years ago, I purchased a 45lb short wide shoulder “Blackhawk” Universal Camo vest.  I use it for my workouts 6 days a week, many miles at a time. I just wanted to let you know it has held up to my use in all weather conditions perfectly! Over the years, I have gotten questioned several times about it, and I refer them to your site.   I highly recommend these vests for anyone looking to augment their workout. I know it will last me for many more years to come. I have used and seen other brands of weight vests, and they cannot begin to compare in durability and comfort. These vests are high quality and a great value. I also love the fact that you are based out of Rexburg, ID, I get to keep it local!
Thank you!  Dexter B.


This is what I wear whenever I go walking. A weighted vest and I add weight to it every walk!


Small thing I’d kinda forgot about. It’s fun seeing yourself get stronger/busting out things today you literally couldn’t do a week or a month ago.

“Nearly twenty years ago I read an article from a book about “Weighted-Walking”. The main point was that weight walking did more for cardiovascular fitness than all other forms of exercise and was best at developing cardiovascular fitness. Military and civilian workers as well as Olympic athletes were tested. As a group, the most cardiovascular fit individual was the mailman -the mailman, walking three to five miles per day, carrying 20-35 pounds. Tests soon demonstrated that walking with a weighted load was far and away the most effective exercise to develop and maintain cardiovascular fitness. I just finished a ten-week competitive weight-loss program in our community. I walked for one hour every day with the V-Max weight vest from My vest weighed 70 lbs. I did alter my diet somewhat too, drinking less soda pop and eating less food overall.

I lost 48 lbs. (from 237 down to 189). My waist size dropped from size 40 to 34. I have more energy, require less sleep, and have more endurance now than in the last 25 years. I am an avid swimmer and used to swim 1-1.5 miles per day. When I ballooned up to 237 lbs, i couldn’t swim a quarter mile without having to stop from exhaustion. Now, I can swim over 2 miles and have to stop now because my shoulders ache, not because I’m physically tired. I recommend without hesitation the V-Max weight vest from”

Sincerely, Curt A. Thompson, MD

“[This is my second 75 lb. weight vest], I had the same vest but it got stolen at the gym. I love the equipment and had to have another one! I can’t train without it. Thanks for your great weight vests!”
-Chris L., Jupiter, FL

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with your product. I ordered mine Monday and it arrived Wednesday. I am incredibly impressed with your commitment to timely delivery.

The vest is high quality, rugged, and well-made. I have to admit that ordering it through the Internet made me nervous; I was afraid it would be a disappointment. To the contrary, it is impressive. As a former Marine I have an appreciation for rugged, well-designed, well-constructed equipment.

I also had the opportunity to call your customer service right after placing the order as I realized I had erroneously ordered two by mistake. The person who helped me was friendly and thorough and corrected my mistake promptly.

Thanks for delivering more than you promised.”
– Michael A.,

Jeff and Megan,
“I have trained with your vest for a little over a month now. The vest is incredibly comfortable -even for long runs [the latest one, 8 hours, yesterday during the night]- and it definitely delivers. Not only I have lost weight, but my stamina has significantly increased. I feel that training with the vest will be one of the key ingredients to being successful in completing the Marathon of the Sands next March [150miles in the Sahara desert with a backpack weighing close to 25lbs]. Thanks again for an incredibly well designed product.” Take care,
-Richard Dube Bellevue, KY

“As an athlete, I’m always looking to increase performance and go just that much further than my competitors. In the past, I’ve had problems finding a weight vest that fits properly or that’s designed for women and felt like my performance was being limited because I wasn’t able to train at this higher level, with a weight vest. The V-Max weight vest is perfect! The main thing is it doesn’t move around, it fits great! I have been able to increase the intensity of my training through using the weight vest for many things to enhance my overall strength, attributes and performance on the ice. I’ve been able to use the weight vest for many things including in the weightroom, plyometrics, core training and sport specific training. When using dumbells, I’m not strong enough to hold the amount of weight that I would like to in my hands, so I just use my vest to increase the amount of weight. Also, I’ve used my weight vest for improving my explosiveness in plyometrics and specific speed skating motions. It has been a necessary addition that has helped to maximize all aspects of my training and ultimately my performance and continued quest for gold . Thank you V-Max!”
– Allison Baver
2002 and 2006 Olympic Team
Short Track Speedskating

“Hey there Jeff, my name is Kasper and I’m a big fan of the weight vest. I believe in using resistance training to accomplish my athletic goals. I want to be more physically fit and have more endurance when competing with my friends in basketball. I don’t go to a gym because I currently can’t afford the monthly membership so I work out at home or go running around the block. I’ve noticed an increase in my strength when it comes to doing pushups. I can do 55 pushups while maintaining perfect form without the vest now. Also, my calves have gotten a little bigger when I’ve used the weight vest in combination with the jump soles and everyone said that they’ve noticed an improvement in my game. That’s my story for now. I love this product and I’m glad I invested in it. Thank you to all the guys at”
-Kasper P.

“I currently hold a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Sit-ups, 24 hours, Using an Abdominal Frame’. I set the record in Jan 2004 by performing 110,912. I am now using the V-max weight vest to train to attempt to break the record for ‘Most Sit-ups, one hour, using an abdominal frame’. I wear the vest to do glute ham developer sit-ups, AbMat sit-ups, inverted sit-ups hanging from a cargo net, all types of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, farmers walks, and CrossFit WOD’s. At 54, I need all the training help I can get.Thanks for such an awesome training tool!”
-Skip Chase (Guinness Membership #12831, Claim ID13021)

“I just got back from a 3 week trip out of the country– there wasn’t a day I was gone that I didn’t miss my workouts with my weight vest. My weight vest is like my workout partner– pushing me harder everytime.”

“Jeff, I train hard in the off- season for my high school volleyball team.This year I was looking for something to add intensity to my workouts. My dad ordered one of your V-Max weight vests and I have spent the summer using it as I perform agility drills, plyometrics, and run stadiums. I feel that your weight vest has helped add intensity to my conditioning sessions and will give me a competitive edge in the coming season. Our team has played in the last three state championship games, but have not brought home the “gold” yet.Although the vest will not win the championship for us, I beleive it will help contribute because I already feel as if I am jumping higher and moving faster due to the added resistance during my training sessions. V-Max is a great product, quality made and can help any athelete maximize their performance.”
-Kaitlin L., Savannah, Ga

“I purchased my weight vest this year to enable to get a good walking workout without running every day. At 49, running can be hard on the knees. Within 4 weeks, I was using the entire 25 pounds and walking 30 to 45 minutes 4 days per week. I have lost 14 pounds and am much leaner. The weightvest works. Everybody keeps telling that I am getting lean. I love my weightvest. I just started jogging on the treadmill using 20 pounds at various inclines. It’s a great workout.”
-David B., CPA

“I am Kent Durso, age 60. I am three time World Highland Games Champion, Masters class. I currently hold five world records in the 55plus category. Last December, I was told by my physician to lose some weight or explode. I weighed 270 and although quite strong (full squat 500lbs, press 255 x 3) I was not a healthy camper. The doctor recommended walking as exercise, at least 20 minutes a day, three times a week. I hate walking and jogging, etc. I am “a natural sprinter, very dangerous over short distances”. So I decided to make a weightlifting exercise out of walking and began investigating weighted vests to enable that pursuit, which is how I found you boys and your terrific V-Max vests. I purchased the 75lb long, and as I had already started with a homemade (a soft cooler stuffed with five pound plates, strapped to my back) I was able to load the V-max to 40lbs as soon as it arrived. I began gradually working up, one bar weight at a time. I was making great progress, and shed 20lbs quickly. Then I had surgery to repair a rotator cuff, which was successful, and a ruptured bicep, which was not. As soon as I could support the pressure of the V-max, I was walking again, much to my surgeon’s irritation. However, nothing was going to keep me from my weight vest walks, and the progress I knew I could continue. I walked for several weeks with my arm strapped to my chest, to secure the rotator cuff, the vmax vest overlaying it carefully. The vest is so well balanced, I was able to sustain the weight and even increase it gradually.
The shoulder has now healed and I have been continuing my walks, and have lost 38lbs. Blood pressure is down noticeably and strength is up. Also my endurance is way, way up and I feel quicker and healthier. I have maxed out my V-max vest, 75lbs, and have just this day ordered the 25lb attachment from you fellows. I walk a quarter of a mile down my property, lower myself by rope into the river bed and walk about fifty feet to the water edge.
Then I turn and sprint to the rope, pull myself up the bank, run about 75 feet across our picnic area, then up another embankment. I stop and pick up a heavy (125lbs) stone and carry it fifty feet. All that is one rep. I do three. Then I walk back the quarter mile to the house, take the blankety-blank vest off as quickly as possible, and fall down and rest. A cold beer usually follows shortly thereafter. This is great stuff for an old geezer like me.“
Best regards, Kent D. F.

“The V-Max 50 lb. weight vest has been a huge plus in my training program, I have gained speed and power as a result of using the V-Max weight vest in my training regimen. I highly recommend the V-Max to any Boxer that is serious about being the best.”
-Kel-c Jeffries
(126 IFBA World Champion)
(126 WIBF Americas)
(126 California State)
(130 WIBA Intercontinental)
(2003 “Fighter of the Year”)
(2004 IBA Super Bantamweight World Champion)
(Photo by Michael Pimentel)

“The weightvest has given me the options I need for quick, convenient yet effective workouts. Since fire fighters work wearing up to 50 or more pounds of gear, the weightvest allows me to simulate gym activities that we actually perform on the fire ground.
Right now, I am training for the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge and running stairs with the weight vest is like being in full bunker gear. On light days, I can very easily remove the weights. Thanks to the Weight Vest I can train with unmatched comfort, versatility and convenience. It is absolutely the best.”
(Juliet’s Fire training tip)

“I have tried your weight vest for several weeks now and I must tell you that this is the finest resistance equipment I have ever used! The materials and construction are impressive, even to the most critical eye. The Hydration Pack with the easy-to-use Bite-Me valve worked flawlessly. Changing weight is as easy as 1-2-3. The real value to the weight vest is the positive way you can change the way your body looks by putting on the weight vest and climbing stairs, doing lunges and squats and push-ups. Congradulations on a great piece of exercise equipment!”

Steve Davis, Mr. World

“I bought the 100 pound weight vest and it’s great. In only a short month I have more than doubled my strength and speed. If you’re creative enough you can workout the whole body with it.
Thanks V-Max!”
Mark G.

“Thank you V-Max,
I love my new Weight Vest. The vest is just what I was looking for. I looked at a few other vests, but they were too long for my use. The reason I ordered your vest is for Jogging and it works perfect. It’s a short vest and it doesn’t ride on my “fat” stomach which I’m trying to lose. It also fits comfortable. I would love to wear one of your tee shirts with my new vest. (hint) XXL Thanks again V-Max.”
Later, Ronnie

“…I love my vest. When I wear it people always look at me and I have been stopped and asked what it is I’m wearing. I live at the beach and walk all the time and have never seen anyone wearing one, and I see a lot of people. Send me some cards and I’ll pass them out when I walk. I know your website, “”, is on the vest, but people ask and forget. If you supplied people with your card you could carry them in one of the pockets and pass them out…just a thought, but word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. I’d be glad to give people your card…”
-Gary P, CA


“To say that I am impressed is an understatement! You have an excellent website, excellent customer service and an excellent product.
I ordered a vest with 50 pounds weight Tuesday morning, within minutes I received an e-mail telling me that I had left out some important credit card information and a toll-free phone number to call. I dialed the number and Jack picked up before I heard it ring, took my information and assured me it would not delay shipping.
I received my vest on Thursday of the same week! OK, I’m already blown away by this personal attention but I’m a bit skeptical about opening the box…I’ve seen other weighted vests in local equipment stores and was appalled at the quality of workmanship (lack thereof) and materials. I have always taken pride in my tools and equipment, have always sought out the best in design and function, your vest is in a category of its own, from the strength of the material, the nice tight fit of the weights, the ease of putting it on and taking it off, to how it fits makes this vest “top-of-the-line”.
I was concerned that it would fit both my son and I, he is 15 years old, 5’8″ and 125 pounds…I am 5’10” and 255 pounds and the vest fits us both perfectly.
You done good.”
-Ron Swearinger, Sacramento, CA


“I acquired your 25, 50 and 75lb vests a little under a month ago and have incorporated them all into my workouts. The tight feel of the 50lber the first time I slung it on was great. However, it wasn’t until I strapped the full throttled 75lber onto my back and began doing squats, pushups, pullups, curls (using a rope attached to a bench-creativity), dips etc., and felt my muscles underneath the ‘black beast’ screaming for mercy.
I used to use free weights exclusively, but the strain of having a loaded bar either on your back or over your chest for many years just places your joints under so much stress. Your vest allows me to get the pump I covet without the wear and tear of always enduring the needless inertia that goes along with barbells and dumbells.
In finishing, I am ordering a vest for my younger brother who is an all-state track star down here in FL for when he hits blocks at Princeton this fall.
Your vest, Jack, is not an expense but is an INVESTMENT in ones HEALTH!!!!!”
-CJ, Jacksonville, FL

“I purchased your 50lb weight vest about three months ago and wanted to pass along praises for it’s design, function, and comfort.
I’m conditioning for firefighter physical tests and I’ve found your vest to be the best one on the market by far. People always ask me about it at the gym and as an avid runner, this vest gives me that added edge to increase my endurance and muscle capacity. Thanks for the great work!”
-Reed N., Littleton, CO


“I bought one for my wife. I was impressed by the workmanship and quality. I think it’s helping her osteo-arthritis. [Now I’m buying one for myself.]”
-S. Roberts, AZ

“Dear Jack,
Just got my vest, it is everything I expected! I will now tell all my buddies at the police station. Thanks again to all of you at, I couldn’t be happier with the fine service and quality.”
-Edward M., PA.

“Received my weight vest on Friday – FANTASTIC product. I had my concerns about buying it online and sight-unseen, but this is about as high quality a product as I could imagine. Truly top-of-the-line.”
-R. Wills

“…This weight vest has beyond a shadow of a doubt increased my speed, power, strength and balance significantly and I know it will do the same for you. I recommend this durable,comfortable product to anyone in martial arts who wants to: develop perfect stances,promote proper posture, increase kicking technique and strength, all the while producing amazing balance. If you want better Kata and forms, if you want better speed and power for Kumite (sparring), if you want to be the best martial artist you can be, you must have this product. Bottom line. End of story. Period!”
-Jonathan Zundel,   4th Degree Black Belt Funakoshi Karate International

“Have been very satisfied with the earlier vest we ordered for our martial arts school.”
-K.S., PA


“When I wear my weight vest my target heart rate goes up and maintains even though I’m not a fast walker. I love it!”
-J. Peterson, Salt Lake City, UT


“I just wanted to advise you that I received delivery of my vest today, and it is everything that I thought it would be. Even though I am not able to utilize the entire weight, at this time, I like how it fits. I am looking forward to adding it to my workouts. All the best.
-N. Craimer NJ