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Shop – Assembled in USA features 17 Weight vests with the V-Force®  brand, ranging from basically 25 lbs to 150 lbs. Some might ask, “Why so many different weight vest models?” The answer might best be answered with an analogy of shoes types. If you were to run a 5k, you wouldn’t use ballet flats, or flip flops, you would most likely go barefoot or wear some athletic shoes designed for running. There are at least 14 different shoe types for any number of activities from dancing to climbing mountains. That’s the jist for why we have so many different weight vest models.

V-Force®  Weight Vests

A simple, short synopsis of the V-Force®  brand is that it is more reinforced, has 2″ wide belts and comes in Camouflage color schemes. The V-Force® belt system is designed to be used by individuals and semi-permanent adjustment. This is so it is faster to put on the next time because it is already adjusted for that person.

Short weight vests are best for core strength and for bodyweight workouts. V-Force® comes in long for running and walking and short models.

The load on all V-Force® weight vests can be gradually increased by adding 2.5 lb. bar weights to secure webbing pockets. This pocket design is our exclusive design and has been our method of securing our solid metal weights for over 25 years. Each weight vest in the V-Force® brand is lined with heavy nylon fabric to last many years. Each weight vest is reinforced so the pockets don’t disintegrate with time, under normal use they last many years.

BOX®  Weight Vests

BOX® weight vests are made for teams. When one person is finished the vest is wiped down with an antibacterial spray and rinsed with wet towel. The liner is a medium nylon with a slick texture. The quick-release buckle system allows a person to adjust quickly to fit anyone from person to person. All BOX® weight vests are short because they are designed specifically for garage gym and Crossfit® workouts where pull ups and push ups are the norm.

V-MAX™ Weight Vests

V-MAX is our original brand and is identical to V-Force, but a bit less robust to help keep the price down. Generally, a V-MAX™ weight vest will last just as long as any weight vest we sell. The fit and feel are identical to V-Force. V-MAX™ features a 1.5″ belt and is not quite as reinforced as V-Force.


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