Removable Sweat Liner

Compatible with select models only. Made to order. Will ship with your vest, or within 48 hours.
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Optional Removable Sweat Liner

Your vest is built with a non-removable sweat lining that is easy to hand wash. This offers a machine washing alternative. Use your vest with, or without a removable sweat liner.

Cleaning Instructions

Remove hook-and-loop fasteners. Machine wash gentle cycle, cold water. Dry on low heat, or air dry. Do not wash with other clothing articles.

Key Features

  • Attaches to inside surface of vest with hook-n-loop
  • Covers entire inside surface of your vest, including the shoulders.
  • Anti-microbial- sweat-wicking spacer mesh lining
  • Made in the USA. 2-year warranty.


Material: Nylon, mesh, hook-n-loop
Weight: 12 ounces
Dimensions: Match the inside surface of your vest.
Made in: USA

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Sweat Liner FAQ:
Is this needed for full vest functionality? No it is not. Your vest comes ready to go and is easy to clean by hand. This offers a machine washing alternative.


  • 5
    I don't know if it's "NECESSARY" but I'm very happy with my purchase

    Posted by Alessandro Di Sciascio on 8th May 2019

    I honestly have never tried the vest without it, so I can't in good faith say "this is a must have" and for all I know the vest is such great quality that it would perform similarly without the liner.

    That said... I have various adjustable weight things... wrist weights, ankle weights etc. I sweat in them like I'm niagara falls. I've now had my vest about 3 weeks. I've sweat so much in it that it felt like it had been dunked in the ocean.

    It does NOT smell at all. Like zero. I'm planning on tossing the liner in the washer tonight, for the first time because... I dunno why I really have no excuse... the video said "you can throw it in the washer" so heck I wanna be part of all that :P ... no but seriously, I'm blown away by how the vest after drying out smells like new. I say this because EVERYTHING ELSE... my gym clothes, the other adjustable weights... omg... they are weapon-grade stinky after one use (the clothes) or two (the adjustable weights).

    The liner is expensive but it looks well put together, and the mesh definitely looks like it would give my body more ability to breathe than if it weren't there. The liner is also significantly softer than the inside surface of the vest and I can't see how that wouldn't add to the comfort.

    The attachment system is different than what I saw in the videos... I have to say I preferred how the videos showed the attachment but I have to assume that this is a redesign after determining that the other setup was less reliable, That and/or they wanted to make sure one can buy the liner separate from the vest and still be able to use it... I think I read somewhere that with the previous design you kind of had to buy the liner WITH the vest or later you'd have attachment problems.

    Anyway I'm happy with the purchase.

  • 5
    A good addition

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jul 2018

    Although it is not needed, it is still worth getting. Definitely makes cleaning easier and helps keep the longevity of your weight vest.