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Box® Weight Vests have narrow shoulders, a quick-release buckle system and wipe-able liner. In addition, Box® Weight Vests are built specifically for specialized workouts like Murph or for adding weight to your run or walk. Another benefit is if you need a more compact, smaller weight vest, then this weight vest may be perfect CrossFit® training, P90X, INSANITY workouts, and any other fitness routine where a compact weight vest would be ideal.

Box® weighted vests conform to your torso for a perfect fit minimizing bouncing and sliding. The shoulders and belts will never come undone no matter how hard you work out. Available, like all Weightvest.com weight vests, the Box® Weight Vests come in several colors and at times in limited edition patterns. Made in USA.


  • Comfortable, compact design
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Padded body  and Shoulders
  • Hand washable and wipe-able Liner
  • Durable moisture-resistant materials
  • Will never stretch or sag
  • Weights and Belts are removable
  • One size fits all
  • 20 pounds of metal weights in 2.5 lb. increments (included)
  • EZ-Adjust 1.5″ Quick-Release belt system (included)
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Perfectly balanced and adjustable

Evenly distributed weight in the front and back. Each weight is a solid 2.5 LB rounded metal bar*. Easily remove weights by lifting the flaps and sliding them out of their pocket.

*Weights are coated solid iron or lead alloy; No Significant Risk to health as per Prop.65 .

1.5“ wide clamp style belts. Multi-user ready

The open side design allows you to work out a bit cooler and not be confined. The belts expand with your breathing while holding your vest in place. Your vest won’t sag, rip, or stretch over time.

Fully padded panels and shoulders make your vest as comfortable as possible.

Wear it how you like

More secure back belts are ready for kipping or jerk movements. Easy-to-clean lining built in.

Box Weight Vest Promo

Made in the U.S.A, solid metal weights included.

Top quality workmanship and materials.

1.5 inch BOX belt included.

Sweat Resistant lining built in. Easy to clean and quick dry.

Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders are best for overhead and forward arm movements. If you do a large variety of exercises, the narrow option is the most versatile. Box comes with narrow shoulders as standard.

Examples: pull-ups, climbing, CrossFit exercises, dragging, chopping, bear crawls.


Add a Hydration Pack to your order.

Additional information

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 4 in
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Black, Bordeaux, Coal, Coyote Tan, Mariner, Old Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, Steel, Sunshine

17 reviews for 20 LB BOX® Weight Vest – Free Shipping USA

  1. haltomj (verified owner)

    It's what needed

    Just ran a couple miles for the first time in this. First impressions… my shoulders were comfortable. It didn’t bounce around too much. You have to find the happy place where the vest is tight enough to not bounce but loose enough to breathe freely. My only suggestion would be to add some elastic loops to stow the excess straps (instead of the velcro flap thing).

    20 LB BOX® Weight Vest - Free Shipping USA
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  2. jose martin pina

    Five Stars

    Perfect thank you

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I'm unable to attach the belts. The pictures in ...

    I’m unable to attach the belts. The pictures in the instructions are small and unclear. I to not see the d-rings mentioned. Is there a video demonstrating how to attach the belts? Being unable to wear it, I cannot rate it with more than 1 star.

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  4. Kindle Customer

    Great product

    Performed as expected, still has a little bounce to it while running bwith the side straps it is manageable.

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  5. chris

    Five Stars

    Exactly as what was expected!

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  6. Madd

    what I wanted

    This worked great for what I using it for. So far so good, next is discovering how long it holds up

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  7. purchaser

    Delivered days earlier than expected

    delivered earlier than expected – it fits comfortably –

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  8. SarahE

    Great vest, comfortable

    Great vest, comfortable, easy to move in, sits right where I want it to. It’s a great addition to my fitness routines.

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  9. Bongo Charm

    Wish I'd bought one ten years ago.

    If you’re a gym rat, this is the Holy Grail. Fit is great, adjustment is a snap and it leaves yourarms and upper body with full range of motion.

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  10. scott brady

    Great vest. Straps can be adjusted as needed to ...

    Great vest. Straps can be adjusted as needed to control any bounce.

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  11. Jacqueline Copley


    Love it. Easy to run with. Did Murph with no issues.

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  12. Joseph chance

    Great product

    Very well made. Ordered the 20lb vest and I do pull ups and pushups in it. Very snug but allows for easy movements.

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  13. Mmasteve


    Excellent addition to my workouts

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  14. Noah

    The weight vest for exercises of all kind.

    You can make it as snug as you’d like, super adjustable. Weight is evenly distributed on the front and back and the short torso design makes it great for all kinds of training. The weight bars make slim to none movement and I would highly suggest this vest for running.

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  15. Charles

    It does not disappoint! I took it on a run and it ...

    Been toying with the idea of getting a weighted vest for a while and after doing my research I decided on this one. It does not disappoint! I took it on a run and it performed great. Little to no bounce, depending on how tight I made it. The size is awesome too, so minimal compared to other vests.

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  16. Thomas Keltz

    Great alternative to the more expensive versions.

    I love training with this vest, I just wish the side straps were elastic and expanded. I read one of the reviews that said it did expand with breathing but that’s not the case. It works well for weighted pull ups, push ups, squats, and lunges. I still run with it even though it is prone to bouncing a little bit due to me having to loosen the straps so I can breath.

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  17. bradford hudgins

    The vest you want!

    Out of every vest I have seen or used in the gym, this is the best hands down! I love everything about it from the way it fastens around your torso to the way it sits high on the body. This is especially good in the summer months as it gives your body plenty of air to stay cool, and if you’ve ever done Memorial Day Murph it feels like an extension of your body. From Muscle Ups to running this is the one.

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