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Women’s Weight Vests

Women are strong, so a small, 10 lb. weight vest that most companies sell to women are doing them a disservice as we believe a woman is much better benefited if they can walk or workout with more weight. Some believe a person should only use about 10% of their bodyweight for best results. It’s true you would be safer, but is it safety a woman is looking for? or is it strength, power, fitness and maybe osteoporosis prevention?

How much weight in my weight vest?

This is a good question. In over 25 years we’ve helped women athletes, women firefighter champions and many women who just want to workout to gain more strength in the legs and back, or lose some weight.

A friend lost 45 lbs just walking with her weight vest along with a good fitness diet. She did it fast. She thought the body wants to maintain a certain amount of weight. If a person wears say about 30 lbs. and walks every day, over time the body adjusts to 30 lbs. less! That seems to be a good theory. Many women we’ve helped say it is so.

Don’t cheat yourself

You will adapt over time. Don’t buy a weight vest that is too light or a heavier one you can’t adjust.  Think heavy and start with only 5 lbs and add as your body adapts. Gradually you can build to a large amount and who knows what great results you can achieve?