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Weighted Vest Specials

Featuring BOX 45 lb. Short with any color. Shipping to USA destinations is included in the price via shipping 1-3 day service. Weighted Vest Specials is our way of showing our appreciation for 25 years of customer loyalty. Thank you for your patronage. We assemble our weight vests in the USA with materials and small parts that are imported and some key materials from USA suppliers. We only use the best materials we can find to help keep prices affordable, but never compromising quality; that’s why we give you our Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

All our products are reinforced in the shoulders, pockets and seams to resist any failure. After 25 years we have worked out the problems you find in other weight vests that are knock-offs of our superb designs. Don’t fall for copycat weight vests, buy the original designs and models here at and you will be glad you did.