Weight Vest Specials

Weight Vest Specials selling irregular, demo, photo vests and back stock weight vests for a great savings. Some weight vests have irregular or blemished weights. All flaws are fully explained in listings.

We have demo weight vests that are like new, or weight vests we used in photo shoots, or slightly irregular (we never send them as new) and sample weight vests that are fully functional and work great. We also have mismade or too many weight vests made for an order. Not often, but now and then we get a cancelation, or a customer changes their mind or the model or color or shoulder width once it was custom made, so we discount them to move them so we don’t have them in stock.

*Some Imported weight vests set in the boat for weeks, think dust, spiders, bugs, mold, mildew etc., but not at weightvest.com. Your new weight vest is custom made within days and shipped to you. At weightvest.com, we don’t want weight vests sitting in stock for more than a few days so we discount them.