Weight Vest Sales – Limited Supply – Won’t Last Long.

Weight Vest Specials offered for a limited time. The supply is good, but they are going fast. Why are these weight vests on sale? Because at WeightVest.com our weight vests are custom made not imported, however we do have hundreds of weight vests in stock safely stored in heavy plastic bags, they include dozens of  demo vests, photo vests, slightly irregular weight vests, mis-made and duplicates; many are in NEW condition. These weight vest specials are 100% guaranteed to function perfectly and are warranted against defects in manufacturing or materials (less the existing irregularities).

Weight Vest Specials – Save Money Now, this is a great opportunity to own a top-of-the-line weight vest for less. Also, to give full disclosure, we at Weightvest.com, Inc. are proud that we make our weight vests in the USA and that we procure our weights from USA companies, we do have companies who make weights that are classified as sample runs, so these weights have a few surface irregularities so we want to move these weights too.  The weight vest specials are a very good deal for you the customer, these vests are in stock ready to ship asap. If you have questions as to the exact irregularity we explain in the listing please text 208-390-3474 or email: sales @weightvest.com

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