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25 lb. attachment photo for weight vest
Sample 25 lb. Attachment

Now you can increase the resistance by adding weight to your weight vest. Add an attachment with just a few simple steps. Add 20 lbs, 25 lbs or 50 lbs easily to almost any Box, V-Max or V-Force  weight vest. Several models are available upon request. Attachments add more weight by attaching to an existing weight vest, thus increasing the resistance. All attachments come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects. All Attachments are assembled in the USA.

Many people buy a weight vest they sincerely believe with be the best amount of resistance for their personal use; later, they see that they have become much stronger and have increased their physical performance. After a time has passed they often wish they had ordered a heavier weight vest than they currently have. There is a solution – weight vest attachments.

Many weight vests on the internet do not have the ability to add future additional weight to an existing model, but at, we have so much experience after years of successful sales that we know the average serious fitness enthusiast will occasionally need more weight to reach higher fitness goals. Therefore, we have designed a number of excellent attachments: the 20 lb. attachment works great with our 40 lb. weight vests, or our 60 lb. weight vests. Our 25 lb. attachment is very similar to the 20 lb. attachment and fits perfectly our 50 lb, and 75 lb (long) weight vests. The 50 lb. attachments are in essence a 50 lb. weight vest, but they do not have padding in the shoulders and body, but connect via hook n’ loop fasteners to an existing weight vest.

At, we encourage our customers to buy the heaviest resistance they think they will need, but we believe in giving our customers every opportunity to ultimately possess the optimal weight vest by offering an method whereby they can increase or maximize their weight vest workouts by providing awesome attachments. Adding weight is exclusive to our line of top-of-the-line professional-grade weight vests.