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Weight Vest Accessories

Night Reflective Bands

Weight vest accessories are the key to better training. You bought a weight vest and now you find you are not too visible as you walk along a road at night. You can get a night reflector band set. One fits to your back pocket flap and the other to your front pocket flap. They are really bright and keep you safe in the dark.

Weight Vest Attachments

After about 3 months you discover you can use more weight, what now? You can order an attachment! It’s a small 20 or 25 lb. depending on the weight vest model you currently have. If you have for example, a 50 lb. weight vest, you can increase the weight by 25 lbs, or more.

Where to put my keys?

Add a cargo pouch to your weight vest. Fits nearly all short models and 60, 75 long weight vest models. Zippered and mostly water proof.

I’m Thirsty!!!

A great addition to any weight vest with hydration anchor straps is our state-o-the-art hydration pack designed specifically for our line of weight vests. Bladder by Hydrapak is 1.5 liter and has all the latest features.

Ultimate Hanger

Your weight vest is precious gear and you’ll want to keep it safe, clean, protected and away from kids, cats and dogs.


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