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BOX® –Weight Vests

Box® Weight Vests originated shortly after the Crossfit Games in 2007. An  Owner of, Inc. and Level-One Instructor watched a video of a Crossfit® athlete doing kipping with a 50 lb. weight vest from About half way through the WOD, the vest came off and was tossed across the gym floor! Right then, the name Box® was invented. The evolution from a great weight vest to the perfect weight vest for Crossfit® became the Box® weight vests.

What was needed to keep a weight vest from losing its composure during a grueling workout of the day (WOD), was a back strap that would not come off during exaggerated, violent movements. The Box® weight vest line features what we call a box belt system, the back strap is velcroed to the back portion and is held in place with another velcro flap. This invention keeps the back strap from slowly losing its velcro grip on the strap.

The next thing to consider when purchasing a weight vest from is the question, “who’s going to use it?” They are ideal for both individuals and team use. It’s nice to be able to switch between users and spray/wipe down the liner. The Box® front belt has a nice cam buckle system to quickly adjust for any user. So, between the easily wiped liner and the fast adjusting belt, the perfect team weight vest is Box®. All Box® weight vests are short for upper torso concentration of weight.


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