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Embrace the advantage of smaller increments with our finely calibrated 2.5 lb. weights, meticulously balanced both front and back. Unlike larger plate weights that expose you to greater increments, our precisely measured smaller increments ensure safer and more controlled fitness outcomes.

By opting for smaller increments, you can curate workouts that are precisely tailored to your abilities, minimizing the risk of overexertion or injury. The evenly distributed weight balance of our 2.5 lb. increments offers a level of control that larger, bulkier plates simply can’t match.

Stay on track with your fitness goals while prioritizing safety and optimal performance. With our smaller, precisely calibrated increments, you can enjoy a safer and more effective workout experience, free from the concerns of pushing yourself beyond limits or risking unnecessary strain.

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You are ordering  premium cast iron weights that are 1.5 inches thick. These weights are designed to fit a specific pocket shape and have a logo on them. Please check to make sure that the weights you have have a logo on them. If not, you will need to order the 1 inch thick weights without a logo, which are for use with our earlier designed weight vests. Please let us know in the comments section during checkout if you need the 1 inch thick weights.

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Weight10 lbs
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“Meet the original weight vest belt systems, tailored for V-Force® and V-Max™ vests. Crafted for durability, V-MAX belts offer flexibility, while V-Force boasts a wider design. Both ensure a secure fit, backed by a lifetime warranty. Versatile, imitated but never matched, they stay adjusted for your personal use.”

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The original weight vest belt systems

Designed for the V-Force® and V-Max™ weight vests. Made of the highest quality hook-n-loop fasteners, heavy poly webbing and nylon stitching.  V-MAX belts feature elastic expansion panels for breathing and bending, and an adjustable 1″ buckle and strap to secure the belt. V-Force features the same belt design, but it is 2″ wide. They are designed to last years, but are replaceable if lost or damaged. Lifetime warranty included. The legacy belt system is included with all V-Force® and V-Max™ weight vests. This belt system is perfect for any exercise you can imagine. Often imitated, but never equaled.  Standard 2″ wide on V-Force® vests, standard 1.5″ on V-Max™ vests.  All belts are in black only.

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Weight.5 lbs
Legacy belts

BOX, V-FORCE 2" Back Section Only, V-FORCE 2" Front Section Only, V-FORCE 2" wide Full Belt System, V-MAX 1.5" Back Section Only, V-MAX 1.5" wide Full Belt System, V-MAX 1.5″ Front Section Only



“Experience unmatched security with the Box Belt—equipped with two high-impact plastic cam buckles for exceptional stability during workouts. The innovative design ensures a snug fit, allowing you to focus on your fitness objectives with confidence. Prioritize safety and performance with the Box Belt for unparalleled peace of mind in your workout gear.”

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The original BOX® Cam-Buckle belt system. Fits BOX, V-Max™ & V-FORCE®.

Designed for BOX® weight vests, but can be used on all our weight vests. Made of the highest quality hook-n-loop fasteners, heavy poly webbing, nylon stitching and our signature cam buckles. 1.5″ wide. Features our exclusive stretching panels allowing bending and breathing with less restriction.  Available in black.

NOTICE: This belt will work with all weight vests on this website.

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Weight.5 lbs
Box Belt Parts

Back belt portion, Front Portion of Belt, Full Belt