How to Burn Fat with a 20 lb. Weighted Vest

20 Basketball Weighted Vest

Walking with a 20 lb. weight vest can be your best and safest approach to burning fat directly. We recommend keeping your heart rate lower in the 120 bpm range to better access fat burning. Adding a lighter weighted vest will increase the load and will make the walk a bit more strenuous. 

There are many fitness experts who recommend low intensity physical activity over high intensity when your goal more for fat loss than other fitness goals. 

We recommend starting with no weights for a while and adding a small amount each week until you are comfortable with 20 lbs. or more.

Keep in mind your shoulders must adapt to the weight so you don’t get too sore. If you have never used a weighted vest before you will understand what I mean if you start too heavy at first.

Good luck with your fat loss training with a quality weighted vests from our USA company where we manufacture our vests here in the USA.

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