Weight Vest Questions

  • BOX® weight vests are great for crossfit, gyms, and multiple users or just individual use. They come with a slick lining for easy cleaning after workouts. Narrow shoulders provide great overhead movements. Feature our cam-buckle belt system for quick adjustments between multiple users. 
  • V-MAX™ is our original weight vest; the one that is copied most by importers. It comes with a 1.5″ wide belt system designed to be a personal fit once adjusted.  Has narrow or wide shoulders, and about 12 popular colors.
  • V-FORCE® is our premium weight vest line. They have extra reinforcement. V-FORCE comes in limited camo colors with matching pocket flaps and shoulders or full camo. Features a 2″ wide adjustment belt system for greater holding power for aggressive workouts.
  • Basketball – This shoulder width is about 2.5″ and is designed to give you total overhead arm movement with little restrictions for shooting and rebounding. Works great for rock climbing too.
  • Narrow – Best for pull ups or kettlebell swings etc., where you lift your arms over the head .
  • Wide – Best for walking, running and hiking. Distributes the weight better for more comfort.

Imported weight vests don’t have these options as they are specific and require a larger inventory to maintain product. Thanks for shopping Made in the USA!

Our custom weights come from American companies and are finished in our own factory. Some weights are imported through USA companies. All weights are processed and coated in our USA factory.
All our weight vests are assembled in the USA. We order materials for USA manufacturers and USA companies who imports some materials. We import our belts from respectable USA companies who guarantee top quality. The main ingredient if durable weight vests is the sewing and construction which we have been doing for over 25 years. We make sure your weight vest will last years.

They are one size fits all generally, for all adults. If you are a smaller person, under 5′ 4″ or a youth, you might prefer our Compact 30 lb. weight vest. Sold under the women’s weight vest tab.

Yes. Hand wash with mild detergent and rinse with wet/damp cloth or sponge. Then towel and air dry. These vests are made with 1000-D Cordura Nylon and have a urethane coating to inhibit moisture transfer, so they are to be treated as you would a high-quality backpack. The best way to keep it smelling fresh is to spray it with Febreze antimicrobial spray, available at most grocery stores, after use.
Just like shoes, different designs are specifically made for running, basketball, track, walking, Crossfit training, etc. our weight vests come in different weights from 15 to 150 lbs. and our features help you target your fitness goals much better than one vest design. For example, a basketball player or rock climber would be better off using our basket ball vests, in either the 30 lb. model or the 40 lb. model; a body-builder would receive better results using the 75 lb., 100 lb. or 150 lb. long vest. Also, women prefer the women’s designs over the basic man’s design in many cases. You would never use one shoe for all your fitness activities, same goes for your weight vest, try to purchase a weight vest closest to your personal needs for maximum benefits. For overhead arm movements like pull-ups or overhead squats, a vest with narrow shoulders would be best. If you are walking, running and not doing many overhead arm movements a wide shoulder would best fit that activity. If you plan to work your core muscles and mid section you would be best served with a short vest where the weight is located higher on the torso. A long weight vest is great for walking and running, and can be beneficial for general workouts too.

There is no credible evidence that a support belt is needed or beneficial. NIOSH says claims that back or support belt designs prevent back injury by supporting the spine is inconclusive.

We recommend you first of all contact your doctor before starting a weight vest training program. With that, you should not start with the full amount of weight. Generally we recommend you start light and work up. The body needs time to adjust to the weight. Never start with a greater weight than you are accustomed to using. Your trainer and medical professional can determine the fitness level you are at now and can safely recommend a starting weight.

Yes, the weights are 2.5 lbs. each and are all removable. If you lose a weight you can order a new weight under the accessories tab.

Here is the Youtube link to all our videos: Weight Vest

HOW TO VIDEOS >> WeightVest.com Videos

Order Questions

If you order a product that we no longer have available, our policy is to refund your purchase immediately so you are not out any monies. If the purchase was due to a mistake on our part we will do what we can to help remedy the purchase. No guarantee is implied that you will receive the exact product you initially wanted, but every effort to satisfy your request will be made to find a comparable substitute that both you and our company agree is a good transaction for both of us.

Yes, all parts are replaceable. Check under the accessories tab for all our parts available for replacements.

Shipping Questions

The advertised FREE SHIPPING is only good on packages shipped to USA destinations via USPS priority mail. All other shipments are charged an extra amount to cover the chosen method at checkout.

Please be very careful when opening your package(s). Here is a video to watch which explains more: Weight Vest 

Check your spam folder first. On our website, if you look up your order number in the system to track it and you get this message, “Sorry, the order could not be found. Please contact us if you are having difficulty finding your order details,” this simply means your order has not shipped yet. You will receive an email once your order does ship. This email will contain your tracking number. It is after this point that your order will show up on this page. We try to get orders out as soon as possible; typically they ship about a week after the order is placed. This is due to manufacturing times and order volume. If your order is above 50 lbs or has certain accessories it will ship in multiple packages. You will receive a tracking number for each by email.

If you return your vest within 30 days in NEW condition you will get a refund for the price of the vest minus the 10% restocking fee. If the vest is returned to us in a bad condition, damaged, stained, weird smells (cologne is a weird smell), etc., the refund could be even less (up to 60% cost). Please make sure it is clean before returning it. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees. We will not refund shipping for ANY reason. Make sure your order number is on a note in the box as well as stating you are wanting a refund this way our returns team can process a refund as soon as possible for you. These refunds will not be processed until the vest is received by us.

You can cancel your order before it ships. If you cancel your order within the first 24 hours of it being placed we can do this and will refund the full amount. After the 24 hour period there will be a 10% restock fee of the price of the vest taken out of the refund as we have already begun making the vest at that point.

To cancel an order simply contact us with your name and order number with the cancellation request and we will start that process.

Free shipping is available to all US destinations. This includes military APO, DPO, and FPO addresses. Any vest weighing more than 50 pounds will ship in 2 or more packages. Most accessories like Hydration Packs and Super Hangers ship in a separate box or envelope.

We ship to Canada. Shipping costs are calculated during checkout. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions regarding those shipping costs.

For Canada orders: There are usually customs fees for packages on top of the shipping. Customers are responsible for these fees. If your box comes in multiple packages you will be responsible for the fee of each package. We do try our best to help keep these fees lower.