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Q: What is the Lifetime Warranty?

 A: We warranty your weight vest against all defects in workmanship and materials with a guarantee that we will replace or repair at no cost you the original purchaser.

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Q: Are your weighted vests made in the USA?

A: Yes. We are proud to offer one of the only weight vests in the USA still made here. Other companies simply purchase bulk from China and put their label on it. We stand by our superior quality and will always take care of any possible issues. In 30 years we have had almost no returns due to bad manufacturing. Our weight vests are the highest quality available anywhere. Other companies simply try to copy or "mirror" our designs and make them over seas. Before you buy ask where it's made.  A weight vest from Weightvest.com, Inc., helps keep Americans employed. We appreciate your support!

Q: What is the difference between BOX, V-Max, and V-Force Weighted Vests?

A: V-Force is our top of line weight vest. They come in full color and camo, come standard with our regular 2" wide belt, and have extra reinforcing on the pockets and shoulders. V-Max is our original weight vest since 1996, often copied but never equaled. Features multiple colors and is only slightly less reinforced than V-Force, but still carries the lifetime warranty and same guarantee, comes standard with our 1.5" wide regular belt. BOX vests are identical to V-Max, but are specifically designed for crossfit and multiple users. They come standard with the Clamp belt, designed to easily fit anyone within seconds. They also feature a wipe down inner lining that is perfect for multiple users in a gym setting. All three brands are custom built in south east Idaho.

Q: How much weight should I get?

A: It depends what your fitness goals are. A good rule of thumb is to use 10-20% of your body weight. That being said it is really up to you to decide. For strength training you would want more weight than you would use for endurance training. Many people choose a vest that they will work into. For example you may buy a 100 lb vest and start with only 30 lbs.

Q: How much does shipping cost on my vest, and how many boxes will I get?

A: All shipping costs are FREE to the any address in the USA. This includes military APO, and FPO address. The majority of our shipping is done with the United States Post Office, and they have a 50 lb per box limit. This means that if you order a 100 lb vest it will come in two boxes. Most accessories like Hydration Packs and Super Hangers ship in a separate box or envelope.

Q: Do I need adjustable shoulders?

A: No. 99% of people don't need any adjustment. It's really just a gimmick and it's easier to manufacture and therefore cheaper. The hook-n-loop attachments lose holding power over time and the shoulders fail. Our shoulders are a webbing-reinforced uni-body system and require no adjustments. The human head dimensions vary slightly and the adjustment needed to fit is negligible. After 30 years we have found that adjustable shoulders are not only a gimmick, but have real failure potential.

Q: It's great to see so many different weighted vest models, what is the main reason?

A: Just like shoes, different designs are specifically made for running, basketball, track, walking, cross-training, rock climbing, etc. Our weight vest models are for different, and specific activities also. Narrow vests are best for any activity requiring overhead arm movements. Wide shoulders are best for walking, running and hiking. Short vests are best for body-weight workouts, long are better for walking, running and hiking. Basketball vests are great for rock climbing, kipping, bag work, etc., and oh yeah, basketball training.

Q: Should I start with the full amount of weight?

A: No, never start with the full amount of weight. You must first contact your physician and make sure you do not have any physical condition that would make weight vest training inadvisable. Always start light and work up. The body needs time to adjust to the weight. Never start with a greater weight than you are accustomed to using. Only your medical professional can determine the fitness level you are at now.

Q: There is a weight vest that looks like yours is this vest the same?

A: No. There are companies that are lazy and copy our superior designs or "mirror" our trade dress. They simply lack the ability to design and create their own products so they lazily copy high quality USA-made products and import inferior products - Buyer beware! We have a trade-in program to help those who are dissatisfied with their imported vest.  Before you buy, ask the competition, "Where is your vest made?" They will say, China, Taiwan, or Mexico. We're proud our vests are made in the USA. Order your BOX®, V-Maxor V-FORCE® weight vest today with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Q: Do your weight vests weigh exactly what you say?

A: Sometimes. Our weight vests come with nominal weights, this means they are close to weighing the stated weight. A weight vest that is exactly 30 or 40 pounds would need to have precision-manufactured weights and that would be way too expensive. Nominal means close to, or approximately. We keep the price affordable by offering nominal weights rather than machined weights.

Q: How long until I receive my order?

A: Our weight vests are customized and take about 2-5 business days for the production process.  Once shipped they arrive in 3-5 days so you should recieve your vest in about 5-10 days plus weekends and holidays.

Q: Can I wash my weight vest?

A: Yes. Hand wash with mild detergent and rinse with wet/damp cloth or sponge. Then towel and air dry. Our weight vests are made with 1000-D Nylon (the strongest, most durable available) and have a urethane coating to inhibit moisture transfer, so they are to be treated as you would a high-quality backpack. The best way to keep it smelling fresh is to spray it with Febreze or some other antimicrobial spray, available at most grocery stores, after use. We recommend the Sweat-Stopper™ liner for easiest and best hygiene maintenance, they are machine wash/dry.

Q: I live outside the United States. What are my shipping costs?

A: Please refer to our shipping page. Shipping Information

Q: What return guarantee do you offer?

A: If you return your weight vest and or accessories in NEW condition, within 30 days after purchase, you will receive a full refund less 10% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable for any reason of return. We recommend you ship it back in a medium or large flat rate box from the post office (saves you on postage). Please return your items to: Weightvest.com, Returns, 2108 W Hwy 33, Rexburg ID, 83440.

Q: If I lose a part for my weight vest can I get it replaced?

A: Yes, all parts are replaceable. Just contact us at 1-888-909-5473 M-F, 8am till 3 pm MST.

Q: What do you recommend I start out with as far as how much weight?

A: Start light. We cannot over-emphasize this point. You will adapt gradually. Never start with a full load. You must realize your body is not prepared to start heavy. If you order a 50 lb. vest then start with 5 or 10 lbs. max, but we advise you consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Q: Can I take the weights out?

A: Yes. They are the highest quality weights available. Cast iron, ground, tumbled, and coated with the same coating used on CAT® equipment. When you order any weight vest, remember the weights are a critical part of a quality weight vest. Our weights are deemed the best weights in the world.

Q: Is a support belt needed when weight vest training?

A: There is no credible evidence that a support belt is needed or beneficial. NIOSH says that claims stating that support-belt designs prevent back injury by supporting the spine isinconclusive.

Q: What sizes do you carry?

A: One size fits all. But if you need a larger size strap we will supply it at no additional charge to you, simply tell us your girth in a comment box at check out. We can customize the belts to fit anyone, simply email us at sales@weightvest.com or call 888-909-5473 with your personal requests, plus at check out leave your needs in the comment box.