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“Bottom Line Up Front: The Box Weight Vest is a great option for those seeking to add additional resistance to their bodyweight for a variety of purposes. I recommend it.”   “I already had a good weight vest that…


If you’re looking to increase your training intensity, and get stronger and faster with a weight vest, this is an excellent buy, and are a fantastic company to get it from.” By Paul Jones

Weight Vest on Amazon 2022

A short synopsis of weight vest purchasing and why might be the best place to get a quality weight vest today. Let me explain. A Weight Vest search on Amazon? Weight Vest on Amazon 2022? Yes, and let me…

Can a Weight Vest Help Burn Fat?

People ask, “Can a weight vest help burn fat? According to a study published in the journal EClinicalMedicine. The article states the body tries to equalize its long-term equilibrium by losing weight in response to a person’s sudden weight gain…