Posted by Jeff Egbert on 30th Dec 2012


Tips to Transform

  • Diet, with proper exercise, rest, and mental clarity will go a long way in the battle for top fitness.
  • Walk with a weight vest to burn extra calories. Up hill is even better.
  • Climb stairs for max intensity boost.
  • If you are a runner, add a few pounds to your torso for resistance. Overcome resistance to improve speed and endurance.

Meet Your Goals

This year you can reach a whole new level you never thought possible. Simply use your weight vest to help you get that edge, no matter the sport. Weight-loss, or more correctly stated, fat-loss, is not only easier with weight vest training, it is more permanent. The weight vests helps you to achieve a wide variety of objectives. If your main goal is to get more ripped, it can do that too. The most important part is that you start now. Do it this year. Do not quit. Do not doubt. Just do it. Get started today. Good luck!! For quick discount use: MIL13