Weight Vest is the best Workout Here's why!

20th Mar 2014

Weight Vest is the best Workout Here's why!

Sean Dickson owner CrossFit Riverchase

If you want to lose weight start walking with a weight vest right now! Simply walking 30 to 40 minutes a day can greatly increase fat burning in your body. Adding 10 to 20% of your body weight to your upper torso while walking or even running can have dramatic results! I have seen hundreds of customers lose extra fat fast simply by walking. Losing 20, 30 or even 100 lbs is simple! Sure, you should watch your diet, but you're doing that anyway, right?

Some people think wearing 30 to 50 lbs is dangerous for your back; not so, studies show that extra weight carried where your body was designed to carry it is actually good for your back. Another misconception is that carrying dumbbells or wearing ankle weights is just as good. Nope. It's damaging to your joints and and can have long-term consequences to your feet.

If you're a woman you get the added benefit of osteoporosis prevention by doing weight-bearing exercise.

The US military and professional firefighters use weight vests for training for duty. Nothing helps prepare you for carrying heavy packs and equipment like a well-made weight vest.