21st Mar 2014


We started selling weight vests in 1981. Our first company was WeightRoom. You may remember some of our marketing photos: 

We received our first Patent on our weight vest in about 1983. We partnered with Master Jong Sook Lee, Master of the High Kick and formed the company Master Products, Inc.

Over the following years of success we had various models like Beth Horn.

We established our selves as the "Original, Made-in-the-USA" weight vest company and have refined our methods of production to a high standard for over 30 years. Our multiple weight vest models are specifically made to accommodate any athletic need. Tested for over 25 years in the field by runners, hikers, martial arts experts, football teams, professional baseball (San Diego Padres) and firefighters not to mention US military personnel. 

If you are looking for a true tested and professionally designed, excellent fitting weight vest, this is the only website that sells it's own manufactured weight vests. Several companies simply cannot design their own so they copy ours. But I can tell you this, we sent our weight vests to China, Vietnam, and Taiwan and they couldn't make them like we do. So we decided to keep our production in the USA. Sure we can't make them cheap like they do, but we know they are built like a tank and will not fail. We give you our true Lifetime Warranty ( if anything fails we will replace or repair, no cost to you.)