Posted by Jeff Egbert on 6th Aug 2013


Hello Jeff,

First let me deeply apologize for not being more in touch, but things have been nothing but planned and chaotic, still no excuse so I apologize.

I just wanted to give you an update on how the past 8 months have been since you sent me the vest.

The World’s Toughest Mudder went ok, the vest was great, especially with just strapping it on the morning of the race for the first time yet with any vest. I was amazed by the comfort of it from the start and how well the weight was distributed through the body making it feel effortless. I only got two laps in that day, the first lap carrying 5lbs and the second 10lbs. I wanted to get accustomed to it and it didn’t take long. Unfortunately the cold got the best of my hands and feet and my gear just didn’t hold up well to it. Looking forward to competing this year again as well as taking the vest through it.

Through the months of December to march things fell apart between the family business being renovated and sold all within a short period of time and helping the new owners transition through.

By April things started to pick back up and I completed the Mid Atlantic Tough Mudder in West Virginia with 25lbs throughout the 10 mile course. Vest held up great and took a beating. But throughout the crawling, climbing, and running the vest always feels secure and unbreakable. Even with getting caught in barbwire I can’t say that it has any tears or rips on vest.

Then in June, I attempted the North Face 50K in Great Falls Viriginia with 31lbs on the vest. I used a 1lb weight from a ankle weight set i have hoping to do a 31lbs for 31 miles, what can I say thought it had a nice ring to it. But I say attempted because I only made it 26 miles in around 8hrs before i got pickup from the course. I made a huge costly race day decision and regret it deeply. The temperature was around 90 degrees that day with humidity and with the course having water stations with 7-8 miles apart from one another which at times feel like 10-13 miles apart I decided to not use your hydration pack since i worried about it not being large enough to hold enough fluid during those long breaks., I tried to attach a hydrapak bag with a 3L bladder to the back of the bag. Lets say this was a horrible mistake because my back took a beating  and after 15 miles I couldn’t run let alone stand up straight for more then 30 seconds without being in agony. I completely blame it on the pack and it cause the strain on the middle of my back. No other race or workout I have had with the vest I have felt that pain, I regretted using that pack and felt like things could have gone differently.

I just recently completed the Spartan Race in PA a couple weeks ago. I did that race with 30lbs through the 5 miles of mountains of Palmerton PA. I wore that vest with basically the same weight with your hydration pack and had nothing but absolute comfort in my back and spine, unlike the NF50K. Even with the first 2 miles being straight up the mountain, and a section of it carrying a sandbag around 40lbs on top of that, no issues, no strain. This race is the first time any damage was inflicted to the pack. First was i pop the bladder, i think it was a safety pin from my race number busted open and went through the pack which is my stupidity to even put it on there. Then during the barbwire crawl, i rolled as i usually do and the clasp of the hydration pack, the one that Velcro’s to the belt on the bottom crack and no longer stays attached. But yet again pure comfort and reliability. I would fly down the mountains like a runaway train and the vest stays still, no worry of it hitting me in the face no bouncing around. Its very reassuring that it performs so well that it allows you to focus on what you have ahead of you and not worrying about the vest and making adjustments.

Just so know this is what the rest of the year looks like,

Spartan Wintergreen (looking to go full 45lb that day, its going to be brutal course a lot of climbing and descending down the mountain. But its going to be a great training run for vermont)

Spartan NJ (depending on wintergreen, either 45lb or less weight with a faster pace.)
Spartan Ultra Beast Vermont ( this is their championship event, between it being on the killington mountains and 26+ miles, I think I’m going to shoot for 25lbs here at the most but no less then 15lb) I did it last year and didn’t finish, I completely under estimated the climbing of that mountain and the course)

Double Iron Triathlon (idk if i would wear the vest, maybe at least the run, i might see how the race is going and make it a game time decision. This race has my heart and finishing is most important)

Worlds Toughest Mudder ( I’d like to go with the same plan as last year, start with 5 or 10lbs and every lap up it by 5lbs.)

There is a North Face event in GA at the end of September, its a incredible course, very technically and totally destroyed me last year. I would love to get back there this year and attempt the 50k maybe with the 31lbs again, but with all the other races around that time, its going to be tough.

I would also let to ask about your hydration pack and if your company went through testing on the right size so that pack doesn’t cause any extra strain. The reason why i ask is cause I had some ideas about the pack and maybe some other thoughts on some other things. I love this vest, but some ideas have come to my mind.

Sorry the delay in communication, but i just wanted to reach out and give you an update. I’m going to write you a testimonial as well especially with training, and how its going to replace my gym soon because I’m getting more in more into just bodyweight exercises. I’m trying to finish my Personal Training Certification, getting certified in group training, or even the Spartan Training so I can take this to the next level. Things are just very busy.

Here are some pics I have, I send some more soon.

Thanks again for your time and support.

The New website looks great.

Thank you again