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Every year we get slammed for Christmas. Because we are a custom-made weight vest company we pride our selves on making your Christmas gift the best available. Give your loved one a weight vest that hasn’t been sitting on a ship for 2-3 months in the sea air soaking up fungus, dust and who know what else. Our weight vests are made to order, with the exception of WOD, we pre-stock them for rush delivery and it helps keep the cost down when you can mass produce. But our V-Force, V-Max and BOX weight vests are custom made for you within a few days. Then we ship them via USPS priority mail so you can get it within 3-4 days.

Don’t settle for imported vests, when you can have a true USA-made, customized weight vest just how you want it, your color, your model, your accessories.
We hope you have a merry Christmas this year and every year. Here’s to your health and total fitness!!

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