Posted by Jeff Egbert on 17th Aug 2013


Weight Vest Supports Firefighters has supplied thousands of weight vests to fire departments for the purpose of training firefighters to be able to carry packs up to 45 lbs. safely into all fire danger areas since 1981. The list continues to grow as fire crews choose our American-Made brands to test for Wildland and CPAT. We thank them for their dedication to USA workers and families. Our commitment to supply the firefighting industry makes us the premium choice for durable, well-fitting, and stylish weight vests.

Quality for our Customers

What sets us apart from other brands, besides our USA-Made status, is our experience with over 25 years of weight vest design, construction and sales. We listen to our customers when they have ideas to improve or features they need. We trust them like they trust us and our products reflect the dedication we have to bringing the best weight vests available. Details like reinforcement in the right places -using only the best materials for UVA, UVB, and weather resistance properties.

We test all our products to withstand not only normal use, but we test them for abnormal use. We know our products will last a lifetime when used under normal conditions and several years under the toughest conditions.

New Innovations

Our design department is always working on new innovations to make what we have even better. Because our vests are customized they take a bit longer to get, but the wait is well worth it. Nothing compares to the feeling of opening the box to find a vest that is fresh, new, and crisp. Imported vests spend months on the ocean and longer in storage until purchased. Not our vests. We sell, build and ship so you have the newest, cleanest, and freshest weight vest possible. No dust, mold, mildew, or stale fabrics – only the best for our customers.

Thanks again to our firefighters and currently those who are fighting the Beaver Creek fire in our neighboring town of Hailey Idaho. Remember, we offer discounts on quantities to all fire departments, law-enforcement agencies and military units.

-Jeff Egbert VP