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About Weightvest.com

Weightvest.com is an online store, and the manufacturer of the V-FORCE, V-MAX, and BOX weight vests. In 1981, we started our business in Southeast Idaho with the V-MAX weight vest and have been growing ever since. In 2000, we launched our online store www.weightvest.com. We have expanded our brands to include the BOX weight vest and the V-FORCE weight vest—adding new comfort options and design variety to our line-up. Our team spends hours producing each V-MAX, BOX, and V-FORCE weight vest with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Our goal has always been to produce an excellent American made product—and we have maintained that goal for over 30 years. We appreciate our customers and are committed to providing the best made weight vests available.

Thank you,

Weightvest.com team


In 1980 we made our first weight vest in the garage

Our original vest designs ranged from 15 - 40 pounds and were for both men and women. Back in the 80's and 90's, print media like Muscle & Fitness magazine was our advertising medium.

Photo 1984: featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine. Taken by Deloy Stuart


In 2000, we launched weightvest.com, expanding our store via the world wide web

Photo 2002: Beth Horn in our first professional photo shoot. The photo was taken in the Hollywood mountains by the famous physique photographer Jason Ellis


2004: We added the 45 and 50 pound vests to the V-MAX lineup

PHOTO: America's most trusted fitness model Clark Bartram and Rachel Moore wear a 40 pound and 15 pound V-MAX weight vest


By 2007, our vests ranged from 15 — 150 pounds!

Also, we added more customization options such as more colors, the vest length, and the shoulder width variations.

Clark Bartram is wearing a V-MAX 60 pound long narrow vest and Shay Lyn is wearing a V-MAX 30 pound compact women's vest.



We continue to focus on offering the most durable and the most comfortable experience you can have with a weight vest. Our brands now include the V-FORCE®, V-MAX™, and BOX® weight vests.