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Our story started in 1983 when we built our first patented weight vest and sold over 40,000 in Racquetball Illustrated magazine. From there, we took our products to Weider’s publication, Muscle and Fitness. Then, we expanded to magazine ads in Karate Illustrated, Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Iron Man and many more. Our sales were good, but the internet took our sales to a whole new level.

Located in the morning shadow of the Teton Mountain range in southeastern Idaho, we continue to manufacture our weight vests in the USA.  The original owners are committed to excellent quality and designs to bring to the fitness markets weight vests that will not only perform great, but will last years compared to imported products.

We manufacture use-specific weight vests; in other words, if you need a weight vest for basketball we make it, if you need it for football, rugby or soccer, we make it. Firefighters require a specific-use weight vest line and we make it. Military trainers are looking for specific-use weight vests and they come to us. We pride ourselves on our ingenuity and flexibility of designs and textiles to accommodate as well as can be expected to meet the serious demands of our customers.

You will find a weight vest that fits your needs. Not only do we sell several unique and specific designs, we also provide amazing colors and patterns. Our great customers are able to choose from our line of accessories; running pads, hydration packs, belts, sweat liners, and hangers.

Please take a minute and search our database for exactly what you need, if you have trouble please email us, we will get you the weight vest you need. Thanks for you patronage! – Team WeightVest

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