75 lb. V-FORCE long weight vest

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V-FORCE Features

V-FORCE weighted vests are military tough, built in full-body camouflage using the highest quality mil-spec materials. Extra reinforcement and wider 2" belts are included.

Front view

Perfectly balanced and adjustable

Evenly distributed weight in the front and back. Each weight is a solid 2.5 LB rounded cast iron bar. Easily remove weights by lifting the flaps and sliding them out of their pocket.

Side view

Long vests lower the weights off your chest. 2" wide belts and open sides.

The open side design allows you to work out a bit cooler and not be confined. The belts expand with your breathing while holding your vest in place. Your vest won't sag, rip, or stretch over time.

Fully padded panels and shoulders make your vest as comfortable as possible.

Back View

Wear it how you like

Set your belt positions once and easily remove and put back on your vest without further adjusting. 2 belts hold the long vest in place. The hooks on your padded shoulders can connect to a hydration pack.

clark with a V-FORCE vest on

Made in the U.S.A, solid iron weights included.

2 inch Signature Belts included

Top quality workmanship and materials

Sweat Resistant lining built in. Easy to clean.

Shoulder Options

Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders are best for overhead and forward arm movements. If you do a large variety of exercises, the narrow option is the most versatile.

Examples: pull-ups, climbing, CrossFit exercises, dragging, chopping, bear crawls.

Wide Shoulders

Wide shoulders offer the most comfort and support. 

Examples: walking, running, hiking, stair climbing, calisthenics, treadmill.

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Materials:                 Top-of-the-line military grade materials
Weights:                   2.5 lb cast iron
Evenly Weighted:     Equal weight in the front and back
Sizing:                      11 inches measured from about your collar bone downwards 
Belt System:             Included with vest
Warranty:                  Lifetime
Made in:                    USA, South east Idaho
Shipping:                  This vest arrives in 1 package


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    75 Pound 4" Shoulders Long Vest

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2015

    Fantastic vest! Solid build! Use it for walking. Still at 50 pounds but it gets uncomfortable 2-3 miles into the walk you wish the padding at the shoulders was better (I have the 4" shoulder width). I can't imagine what it will feel like when I get to the full 75 pounds. Highly recommend though. Very effective for adding difficulty to your exercise.

  • 5
    # 1 weightvest in the market!

    Posted by Dennis on 30th Mar 2015

    Well guys all I can say that I purchased the 75lbs weightvest and it's unbelievable. My training is going far beyond what I expected! I am seeing great results from squatting to doing push ups! I highly recommend to anyone your products because it's worth it. Anyone that read this "go buy your weightvest now! Weightvest.com are the best!

  • 4
    Start small and light, work your way up!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2015

    This vest is a beast, wore it at work and found that this thing really makes things heat up, I garnered heat rash because I wasn't careful!

    Would love to be able to wear this for 8 hours at a time, but since I can't I'll need to look into using some capillary action to keep the vest dry.

    Speaking of the vest, this thing feels solid and like it'll last me for a long time. I love how thin it is compared to the other vests I've looked at and how strong it is as well. I hate bags of sand for anything. Uselss, quick to break, and hard to 'repair.'

  • 5
    well built, great fit

    Posted by Adam Koronka on 31st Jan 2015

    That says it all. The overall construction is top notch. The vest fit overall allows for great range of motion while still being able to run.

  • 5
    75 lb long vest

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2014

    Seldom do you feel that you got your moneys worth. I have purchased three vests from weightvest.com
    I kept getting stronger using the vest so I needed to upgrade to more weight. Each vest purchased was of the highest quality. You cannot go wrong choosing one or more of these vests. Money well spent.

  • 5
    Solid Purchase

    Posted by Tom on 31st Mar 2014

    This was my first weight vest purchase and I wanted to go with the best. I was not disappointed. I've worn it 4 times now walking over mixed terrain and it has performed absolutely as advertised. Can't recommend it enough.