60 lb. V-FORCE short weight vest

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V-FORCE Features

V-FORCE weighted vests are military tough, built in full-body camouflage using the highest quality mil-spec materials. Extra reinforcement and wider 2" belts are included.

Front view

Perfectly balanced and adjustable

Evenly distributed weight in the front and back. Each weight is a solid 2.5 LB rounded cast iron bar. Easily remove weights by lifting the flaps and sliding them out of their pocket.

Side view

2" wide belts and open sides.

The open side design allows you to work out a bit cooler and not be confined. The belts expand with your breathing while holding your vest in place. Your vest won't sag, rip, or stretch over time.

Fully padded panels and shoulders make your vest as comfortable as possible.

Back View

Wear it how you like

Set your belt positions once and easily remove and put back on your vest without further adjusting. The hooks on your padded shoulders can connect to a hydration pack.

clark with a V-FORCE vest on

Made in the U.S.A, solid iron weights included.

2 inch Signature Belts included

Top quality workmanship and materials

Sweat Resistant lining built in. Easy to clean.

Shoulder Options

Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders are best for overhead and forward arm movements. If you do a large variety of exercises, the narrow option is the most versatile.

Examples: pull-ups, climbing, CrossFit exercises, dragging, chopping, bear crawls.

Wide Shoulders

Wide shoulders offer the most comfort and support. 

Examples: walking, running, hiking, stair climbing, calisthenics, treadmill.

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Materials:                 Top-of-the-line military grade materials
Weights:                   2.5 lb cast iron
Evenly Weighted:     Equal weight in the front and back
Sizing:                      11 inches measured from about your collar bone downwards 
Belt System:             Included with vest
Warranty:                  Lifetime
Made in:                    USA, South east Idaho
Shipping:                  This vest arrives in 1 package


  • 5
    investment well made

    Posted by Lucas on 13th Jun 2016

    Purchased this vest and after watching a couple short videos I set up my vest and was amazed by how comfortable and durable this vest is. Hands down worth every penny and couldn't find a better vest if I tried

  • 5
    best vest

    Posted by Mikey on 9th Feb 2015

    This is the fourth weight vest I have owned and it is by far the best. It is the least restrictive on my movement, the shoulder straps and run pad make it the second most secure (one was a neoprene vest so it's kind of hard to beat that, but it was very restrictive), and it is the most comfortable by far. I was a little off put by the price but you definitely get what you pay for. It fits larger people too, I wear a size 50 coat and 34 inch pants and I'm able to almost overlap the standard strap on it. For military overseas the shipping was nice and fast, delivery was less the two weeks after shipping. If you have the money to spend and want a more intense workout, this is the best vest out there.

  • 4
    So far, so good

    Posted by Niko on 10th Oct 2014

    I received my vest less than a week ago and so far, I have only tried it out with calisthenics at home. This includes push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. It feels nice and snug during these workouts and it does not really get in the way much. With the narrow shoulders (3 1/4"), the only time I feel it rubbing against my shoulders is when I do close-grip pull-ups like hammers. I plan on hiking/running and doing jump ropes with it as well.

    As for the product itself, the color I chose (steel) was not applied to the shoulder strap and the flap that goes over the weights as shown in the picture when the color option is chosen. Only the area behind the actual weights are colored. However, my other option was an all black vest so this isn't really a deal breaker for me. Also, it was a nice surprise that the color was applied to the 20-lb attachment. I was not expecting that, because there is no color option when purchasing the attachment separately. My only real gripe with the vest is how the belts are way too long for me. I purchased both the regular and pro-glide belts, and I have to overlap with both of them. For the regular belt, I have to overlap on the rear velcro, and for the pro-glide, I have to overlap the 2nd outer straps on the front. It's not a huge deal, but this makes me unable to utilize the OCR shield for the pro-glide belt because I have to overlap all the way to the opposite side for both sides. I tried overlapping with the inner straps, but it ends up feeling a bit loose. Again, not a deal breaker.

    This is the first weight vest I have ever purchased, but I did my research before making the decision. I decided to spend the extra cash for the quality vest and I'm glad I did. Overall, the vest feels like a great quality product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone shopping for one.

  • 5
    amazingly perfect

    Posted by jose on 2nd Apr 2014

    Durability, and fit are superb. Just an amazing product will definitely be ordering more and would recommend to anyone who wants to step it up.