20 lb BOX weight vest

Made to order. Includes 20LBS of weights. Usually ships in 4 - 8 days.
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BOX Features

BOX weighted vests are designed for the gym. Perfect for CrossFit® training, P90X, INSANITY workouts, and any other fitness routine.

BOX weighted vests conform to your torso for a perfect fit without any bouncing or sliding. The shoulders and belts will never come undone no matter how hard you work out.

Front view

Perfectly balanced and adjustable

Evenly distributed weight in the front and back. Each weight is a solid 2.5 LB rounded cast iron bar. Easily remove weights by lifting the flaps and sliding them out of their pocket.

Side view

1.5" wide clamp style belts. Multi-user ready.

The open side design allows you to work out a bit cooler and not be confined. The belts expand with your breathing while holding your vest in place. Your vest won't sag, rip, or stretch over time.

Fully padded panels and shoulders make your vest as comfortable as possible.

Back View

Wear it how you like

More secure back belts are ready for kipping or jerk movements. Easy-to-clean lining built in.

Two people with V-MAX vests on

Made in the U.S.A, solid iron weights included.

1.5 inch BOX belt included

Top quality workmanship and materials

Sweat Resistant lining built in. Easy to clean and quick dry.

Shoulder Options

Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders are best for overhead and forward arm movements. If you do a large variety of exercises, the narrow option is the most versatile.

Examples: pull-ups, climbing, CrossFit exercises, dragging, chopping, bear crawls.

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Materials:                 Top-of-the-line military grade materials
Weights:                   2.5 lb cast iron
Evenly Weighted:     Equal weight in the front and back
Sizing:                      11 inches measured from about your collar bone downwards 
Belt System:             Included with vest
Warranty:                  Lifetime
Made in:                    USA, South east Idaho
Shipping:                  This vest arrives in 1 package


  • 5
    20lb wt vest

    Posted by Pedro on 22nd May 2020

    Awesome, just what I was looking for. Glad I got the hangar too.

  • 4
    Box vest

    Posted by Rob Lee on 18th May 2020

    Overall, the vest is great. The only thing I don't like is the weights on the back bounce when running or while kipping on a pull-up bar. This is b/c the straps that hold the weights are sewn to the vest in the middle. If they were sewn to the vest at the bottom you could eliminate that bounce. Other than that I have no complaints at this time. We'll see how it handles "Murph".

  • 5
    Weighted 20lb Vest

    Posted by Savannah on 18th May 2020

    I am a small frame female and it was able to be cinched up tightly so that I could any movement I wanted without it moving! My husband who is 6’1 and 200lbs tried it and now wants one but in the 40lbs. I also used for a swim
    WOD and it worked great!!

  • 5
    Very Effective

    Posted by Vu Nguyen on 1st May 2020

    What can I say? It does the job, and it looks good. Productivity and Looks are what makes a great product GREAT. Sure you can pay half the price somewhere else for a cheaper version but you wont get the results you're looking for. This is where its at! Much love from california.!

  • 5
    Great vest

    Posted by Brandy on 4th Jun 2019

    5'2" female and it fits great! I was able to tighten it no problem and I have a small frame. The clamp system to adjust and close the "belt" is smooth and easily adjustable. I was able to fit it and wear it within five minutes. We have an older model at our gym and it has held up through a lot of abuse...so I would expect the same from my new one.
    Great vest!

  • 5
    Great stuff

    Posted by Brad O. on 24th Apr 2019

    Bought this for doing the WOD Murph. Made in USA, it shipped and arrived quickly after ordering. Built tough, stays put while running (my main concern when shopping around), nice padding, only minimally interferes with pull-ups or arm activity. There was an older model, I think, kicking around our gym which has sustained, it appears, heavy use over years. This looks like it'll do the same. Very happy.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2019

    Great product! Very nice material and a very comfortable fit. Easy to run in, do pullups, pushups, squats, wear for a ruck or just wear in the gym.

  • 4
    Very comfortable and quality made

    Posted by Tim Craig on 4th Oct 2018

    Very pleased with my 20 lb weight vest !!! Easy to put on and take off !!! Quality at its finest

  • 5
    Great weight vest!

    Posted by Angie M. on 16th May 2018

    This vest is perfect. The straps have a quick release fastener that allows you to easily adjust the fit tighter or looser mid-workout. There is also a flap that secures the loose ends of the straps so that they are not hanging down. It fits tight enough to my body for running that the shoulder straps don't rub my skin. Very happy with this vest!