100 lb Weighted Vest for Body Blast

Our 100 lb. weighted vests are available in two back designs; the short and the long. Here we talk a bit about the benefits of each.


Training with a 100 lb weighted vest can offer several benefits, but it’s important to approach this kind of training with caution and ensure it’s appropriate for your fitness level. Here are five potential benefits or suggestions:

First, we sell 100 lb weighted vests in two lengths, short and long.  Short is best for bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, and core strength movements. Long is best for walking, running, rucking, or hiking. Short has a higher center of gravity feel and long of course, has a lower center of gravity feel. 

Strength and Muscle Development– Wearing a 100 lb weighted vest adds resistance to bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and lunges. This extra resistance can help to stimulate muscle growth and increase overall strength.

Improved Bone Density– 100 lb. weighted vests can contribute to improved bone density, especially in weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging. This is especially beneficial for older individuals or those at risk of osteoporosis.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness–  Incorporating a 100 lb weighted vest into cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, or hiking can increase the intensity of the workout, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Calorie Burn and Weight Loss– Exercising with a 100 lb weighted vest increases the intensity of your workout, which can lead to more calories burned. This can be beneficial for individuals looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy body composition.

Functional Strength and Performance–  100 lb weighted vest training can improve functional strength, which is the type of strength required for everyday activities. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes, first responders, or individuals with physically demanding jobs.

There are benefits to using a heavier weighted vest, there are also potential risks, especially when using a vest as heavy as 100 lbs. It’s crucial to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before incorporating such intense equipment into your routine. They can help ensure that it’s safe and appropriate for your individual fitness level and goals. Additionally, proper form and technique are crucial to prevent injury, so seek guidance on the correct way to perform exercises with a 100 lb weighted vest.

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