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Why …

Our Ultimate Weighted Vests – are assembled in the USA. Our manufacturing quality is unsurpassed. For top fitness that will fit and function for many years choose Our weighted vests are Assembled in USA in our factory for maximum durability, function, price and strength for a weighted vest that will last years. We hear from our satisfied customers that our triple-stitched, and super reinforced weighted vests are nearly indestructible compared to the competition. Don’t skimp on your investment in top fitness; get the highest quality available at

Models showing a V-Force Weighted Vests. Model is Jamie Eason.

Many uses…

If you want to reach your training goals with your weighted vest workout, you need a weighted vest with gradually more weight, which is safer, as you can start light and work up. Your weight vest has 2.5 lb. weights that are designed with rounded corners so they protect your weight vest. We guarantee you will be satisfied in a weighted vest from or your money back. Improve your jumping height, running speed, agility and endurance with one of 12 different weight vest models; like basketball models for jumping and rebounding, firefighter models to pass the CPAT or Wildland Fire test and models for Crossfit® that will outlast any other on the market. For example see our 25 lb. V-Force® weighted vest in a demo video from IRON WOLF, here is his store.

Iron Wolf Youtube video showing Art working out with the V-Force 25 lb. Weighted Vest from

Our Brands…

Where did our Brand names come from, the answer is The Vertical Force weighted vest (V-Force®) or Vertical Max weighted vest(V-Max™) is the vertical force of gravity and we use it to build the body in the most durable, functional method possible. Also, the BOX® weighted vest was developed for Crossfit®, it’s the nickname of a Crossfit® gym where users need interchangeability between athletes and a stay-in-place kipping strap making this the perfect weighted vest for teams and individuals.

Members of a Crossfit gym (Box) performing a workout with weighted vests from

Specific Use Weighted Vests…

Just like when you buy shoes for a specific use, running, walking, soccer, etc., it’s the same with a weighted vest, a weighted vest that is too bulky, too long, too wide, or sloppy, can’t be effective and won’t make a happy customer. At, we offer you a perfect fitting weight vest, a great functioning weight vest, one with quality and many amazing features designed to give you the absolute best weight vest experience. Military tough is as durable as it gets; that’s what we supply our customers, See All Weighted Vests Here

Clark Bartram modeling a weighted vest with Shay Lyn.


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Assembled in the USA with attention to reinforcement, excellent fit and quality. Our factory uses time-tested sewing and reinforcement techniques to guarantee your weighted vest will last years. See our Lifetime Warranty.

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