Minimalist Workout for Maximum Results!

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Simplify and See Results

Experts have found that the most productive body workouts with the best results are those that are high-intensity-short-duration workouts. A high-intensity-short-duration workout might mean that you do a 2-3 minute duration workout, with a 1 minute or so of rest, repeated for about 10-20 minutes. This new workout plan cuts your old workout time in half and doubles the results from what they were before. The workout is simple and does not require hours spent at a gym, which leave you sore and exhausted, with no results.


A high-intensity-short-duration workout has many benefits to boost your endurance, and increase your intensity for better-fat burning, muscle-building, weight-loss and more! Those countless hours jogging around the track, could be replaced by intense sprint intervals or quick mile splits. There are many ways to improve your workouts. One way to increase the intensity of your workout is to add a weight vest. A weight vest increases the intensity and the resistance of the workout to increase its effectiveness.

High-intensity-short-duration workouts are convenient and can be done pretty much anywhere, like at home, outside or the gym. If you have no time for a workout at the gym, there are plenty of high-intensity workouts you can do in your own home living room.

Smart Exercise

A common misconception many people believe is that the longer you work out, the more visible the results will be. Truth is, you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get those results that you want to see in the mirror. With the right exercises and the right intensity, you can get your best workout ever. Learn the right way to exercise to produce the best results through smart exercise.

Add a weight vest to your next routine and begin to see real results. Whether you are running, walking, stair-climbing, crossfit, P90X, etc. your next workout will more productive and require less time. Start now. Use MINIMAL14 for an instant discount on your weight vest purchase today!

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We started selling weight vests in 1981. Our first company was WeightRoom. You may remember some of our marketing photos: We received our first Patent on our weight vest in about 1983. We partnered with Master Jong Sook Lee, Master of the High Kick and formed the company Master Products, Inc. Our company sold over 40,000 [...]

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Weight Vest is the best Workout Here's why!

If you want to lose weight start walking with a weight vest right now! Simply walking 30 to 40 minutes a day can greatly increase fat burning in your body. Adding 10 to 20% of your body weight to your upper torso while walking or even running can have dramatic results! I have seen hundreds [...]

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3 Weight Vest Belt Options.

Why do we offer 3 belt solutions with our custom weight vests? Well, because people are different when it comes to securing the weight vest for various workout situations. belts in action.

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Features Check out the Pro-Glide weight vest belt system. This belt rocks! The belt is great because it is smooth to the touch and has very strong "Nano" fasteners, which are easy to release and hold over 150 lbs. of shear force. The comfort and reliability of the belt system improves the athletes’ overall experience and [...]

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"The TEST of FITNESS" This movie, by Greg Glassman and Dave Castro, gives you a very good look at the world of CrossFit as it relates to the CrossFit games and the level of fitness it takes to be awesome. Our company sponsored the games in 2010 and we've seen the development of the athletes and [...]

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I love seeing top athletes using our weight vests. Josh is one of the top athletes with a true fighting spirit. He is an inspiration to me personally. All the best Josh. Keep doing what’s tough, it will be a reward you’ll always treasure. - Jeff Egbert VP

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Sad to hear of Paul Walker’s death. I enjoyed the Fast and Furious films. This is Paul Walker as he inspects the new Dodge truck brought directly from SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV to be used in the newest Fast and Furious film. It was signed by the Rock, but never made the cut. [...]

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Sheepdog Crossfit 110 lb. Murphy WOD.  Watch Sebastien Lavoie as he cranks out Murph with a 100 lb. V-Force weight vest and a 10 lb additional vest. Amazing effort in tribute to Lt. Michael P. Murphy who died in combat during operation Red Wings in 2005. We dedicated our 20 lb. Box weight vest to [...]

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Boston Dynamics’ Petman robot was designed to test products for organizations like DARPA, and the US military. Carrying heavy loads as a test proved positive with the Petman model shown in the video. provided the weight vest model 100 lb. short. Our weight vests have been featured on the Today’s show twice, Myth Busters [...]

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