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Product Description

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Max™ 30 lb. Compact and contoured Weight Vest™ keeps the weight off your stomach so you can breath easily and build core muscles better. Notice the curved area near the arms; this keeps the vest from rubbing your arms during bodyweight workouts. See the FULCRUM EFFECT for benefits of short vests. Designed for men and women 5' 4" and under, and youth.

V-Max™ 30 lb. Weight Vest gives you a 99% perfect fit. V-Max™ shoulder design fits all, no adjustments necessary for a great fit.

V-Max™ Weight Vests  do not shut off blood supply to the legs like weight belts.

Non-"support-belt" design builds strength and power, unlike heavy jackets, which can weaken the back as reported in an Ohio State Study or this BBC News article.

V-Max™ 30 lb. Weight Vest will not stretch, sag or lose it's shape over time. We use only the heaviest materials available, like military grade fasteners, poly/nylon webbing pockets and two-layers of the strongest Cordura® fabric available. Our inter-skeletal 3" webbing reinforcement makes a V-Max™ Weight Vest nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE!

We proudly give you our Weight Vest™ Lifetime Warranty*.

V-Max™ is made in the USA!


  • 1000 D nylon body
  • Color accents
  • Padded body and shoulders
  • Super reinforced at stress points
  • Test for over 25 years
  • Compact design
  • 1.5" adjustment belt
  • Bending and breathing panels in belt
  • One size fits all
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • 30-day money back guarantee**

*Repair or replace defects to original owner under normal use. **pre-paid (in New condition)



Comes in one box


30 lb. V-MAX compact weight vest

$162.95 $152.95
(You save $10.00)

Product Reviews

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  1. Work Smarter! It's Effective, Made Very Well & Works!

    Posted by Kimmy Z. on 12th May 2014

    I’ve been doing cardio on the Step Mill and Treadmill (high incline/lower speed) for some time now and I have a goal that I need to reach daily for calories burned. It’s amazing how quickly your body will adapt and you have to continue to push yourself harder and harder. For me, going faster was becoming impossible and my knees were taking a beating, hence why I purchased a weighted vest. It has been by far the smartest decision I’ve made. The quality, the fit, and the effectiveness have been so worth the purchase. The shoulder padding makes this vest comfortable and will save your body from the beating it’s going to take with the extra weight. I’m using up to 15lbs right now, but I have a feeling I’ll be using the 30lbs very soon with the way my body is adapting. I burn more than twice the amount of calories in half the time with less speed. I get my heart rate up quicker and it stays up longer. Work smarter and don’t kill yourself. Buy a vest! As a woman, I like this vest. It says that it’s for women up to 5’4”. I’m slightly less than 5’5”, so I would say that’s an accurate statement. Taller ladies, go for the regular V-Max vests. I have the sweat liner as well, which is definitely needed if you’re busting your butt. You’ll need it!

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